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So, 48 is the new ancient?
Be, kiss some sense into her, please. (I wouldn’t say “knock”, since we don’t promote violence in the blogosphere..)
Happy birthday, Jan!

Michele says:

Happy 48th Birthday!

48 isn’t so bad. At least you can still say you are in your 40s.

Ginger says:

You. Are. Not. Ancient.

After you turn 53, like me, then you can be ancient. OK? Glad we got that settled.

Linda P says:

Pa-leeeeze! Respect your Elders! 48 is nuthin! Have a great day, Jan!

AndreAnna says:

Oh please, you’ve got AT LEAST another 48 to go!!

Happy birthday!!

Mama Badger says:

You still our youngest Grammie, Jan! And since you’re only as old as you feel, your 24 at best, right?

Have a wonderful birthday.

Lisa says:

Happy Birdday! Tweet! Tweet! You are a BABY! A veritable baby. BTW, I dreamed about you last night. I dreamed you had lost 70 pounds and had been lifting weights. Sorry if that is overstepping boundaries, but just goes to show that our subconscious knows these friendships are real.

You’re just a BABY! : )
Ancient is still two years away …!
Happy birthday Jan!

VandyJ says:

No, not ancient. Ancient is always at least 20 years older than you are, right? I’m sticking to that story. Happy Birthday!

goodfather says:

Happy Birthday!!

I’m right behind you.

Irish Gumbo says:

I prefer to think of it as seasoned, nicely.

Happy Birthday, my dear 🙂

Lori says:

OMG! How did this pass me by????? I am so upset with myself for missing your birthday. I came here to look for one of your recipe’s and I see this post I missed. Sorry, it surely wasn’t because you aren’t important to me dear friend. Anyways…happy birthday late…now you’ve caught up to me…lol…hope your day was truly special Jan because you are on hell of a special lady. Love you! XX…now off to find that recipe. 🙂

Nonsense! Happy birthday to you!

Gretchen says:

Dang, I was so busy with all my Christmasing that I failed to wish you happy birthday! So…happy birthday!

And you’re still younger than me, so…gah…stop whining.

Linda says:

Sorry I missed this also! I was sick as a dog Monday and Tuesday. 48 is not ancient my dear. In my mind Ancient is 75 or so. Anyway- hope your birthday was lovely and I send you best wishes and love for the new year. Take comfort in the fact I am 52! LOL

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