Pressure Cooker Venison Chili

Look!  Two recipes in one week!  I must be on a roll. For those of you who may not know, I was once a professional cake decorator.  It’s a hobby now (you can find photos of some of the cakes I’ve done here on the blog if you do a search for “cake” and sift … Continue reading Pressure Cooker Venison Chili

Venison Tenderloin with Blueberry-Red Wine Reduction

I am SO thrilled – I pretty much have all of The Young One’s college finances wrapped up.  We’ll meet the deadline for payment, with time to spare (thank goodness), and then all I’ll have to worry about is getting everything together he needs to take with him by his move-in date. And then things … Continue reading Venison Tenderloin with Blueberry-Red Wine Reduction

Venison Curry

Sunday night, I sent out a plea on Facebook. “I don’t know what to post tomorrow – Venison Curry or Bang-Bang Shrimp. Help!” The response was overwhelmingly in favor of the shrimp, which is why I posted it yesterday.  However, about 1/3 of the commenters wanted the curry, and I’m more than happy to oblige … Continue reading Venison Curry

Balsamic Glazed Venison

No post yesterday and I’m running late today – I’m just busy, busy, busy!  Part of it is I’m waiting on something to tell you all about, but it’s a bit out of my control right now so you get another recipe. If you remember, last week I posted about the meals we were served … Continue reading Balsamic Glazed Venison

Venison Butternut Squash Chili

I am branching out in the chili department. Once, I’d have scoffed at making or eating any chili other than Texas-Style Chili, but these days I’ve discovered a taste for kinds that aren’t quite so…traditional.  I’ve got a lovely chili recipe in the cookbook that uses, of all things, dark chocolate (I was surprised at … Continue reading Venison Butternut Squash Chili