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Well, Oldest Son and Darling Daughter have left for home; tomorrow we head down to Cincinnati for a holiday visit with Jolly and The G Man.  I don’t know if I’ll post between now and next Monday, but for now here is Miss J’s offering for my holiday blogging guest posts.  She is having a great time in college and we are so proud of her!

Initially when I got asked on what to write for this blog several ideas popped into my mind. What should I discuss if it’s essentially anything I can share about? After several seconds it was easy for me to determine on what I should share- Texas A&M. Currently, I am a freshman at Texas A&M University which has drastically changed my life and not only in the “growing up” factor but realizing how much of a family A&M is.

A&M has been called many names: A cult, family, Aggies, Spectacular, etc. Going into becoming an Aggie, I didn’t actually realize how unique of a University it was. I remember my senior year of high school I was applying to different schools and thought over and over on what and where I wanted to go. There were so many options for me to determine and actually A&M was on the bottom list of schools I wanted to go. A&M is a very traditional campus, very conservative and a military base ( We have the largest ROTC type style in a public university. We call it the Corps of Cadets). Frankly I’m liberal, not country and the idea of going to a college town was not on my list of places I wanted to live. Whenever everything got settled down and realizing A&M was the best college rated and cheapest (in state compared to other schools) and only three hours away from home (which I realized I would be home sick and I was), we all decided going to A&M would work. Of course I was excited no matter what- going to a huge university of 50,000 students, having so many opportunities there was really no way I COULD NOT be excited.

After graduation, I went to fish camp- the first tradition at A&M for any freshman; I actually realized how much of a family the school is. Fish camp is a camp we have out about an hour or so away from College Station (where A&M is located) and it shows you all the class yells, and everything A&M has to offer. Being a stellar experience, I was that much more excited to be an Aggie. All my biased outlooks on the school diminished and I realized what a “family” of that size of a population really was. Yes A&M has so many traditions and can be seen as a “cult” but it is amazing how many people are passionate about their school and care about it. I highly suggest to anyone to go to an Aggie football game. The student section doesn’t sit, we have yells that everyone does which is led by the yell leaders, and we each class as there class yells. With 50,000 kids knowing all the same yells, same traditions, it is just an awesome experience to be a part of.

After I got to college I realized how many things I wanted to do. Like anyone else essentially, growing up is a huge factor and challenging experience in your life. So many opportunities to do and be whatever you want to be that it’s almost overwhelming. The best thing for me anyways was getting into this Social Justice and Environmental organization at A&M which is called One Love. We deal with environmental issues, local issues (Potlucks), global issues (Mocha Club), we have a social committee and other things we do around campus. Not only has this organization changed me, it has also helped me have such a ensuring experience for my first semester. We went to Galveston to do a beach clean up, held events that are what our organization is like, and just did events weekly that we had going on around campus.

Not only do I now realize how many options I have ahead of me, I realized how many passionate people there are out in society. Truly, I know that A&M and College Station is the best fit for me. Next year becoming an international mentor and still being in One Love, I’m that much more ecstatic on who and what people will I meet following my years. I hope everyone has a splendid New Years and enjoys their next year following as well.

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  1. I am so proud of my young Aggie! And I am glad you are having so much fun getting involved. Those are the things that you will remember as being the things you got the most out of.

    Gig em baby!

  2. Congratulations and well done! It is not so easy adjusting to being a freshman at a great big university. It sounds like you are doing a great job. But don’t forget to hit the books as well as learning the yells and doing good works. 😉

  3. Had I ever gone to college, what you describe here is what I would have loved to have experienced. You sound very mature for your age and like you are getting a lot of out the college experience. I think it’s really awesome that you found something to be so passionate about with this One Love group you are a part of. Best of luck to you as you finish out your first year of college in 2011. Great post!

    Safe travels to you and yours as you travel…what a grand way to bring in the new year by being with Jolly and your grandson. Perfect! Blessings to you my friend as the new year ushers in. I count myself very blessed to be called your friend. (((Jan)))

  4. “So many opportunities to do and be whatever you want to be” — that really struck a chord in me. I remember the days when I had all those opportunities, and how each decision I made in life limited those opportunities and set the course of where I went and what I did. So think carefully about the paths you take as you go through college and after. These wonderful years will set your course for life.

  5. I know exactly what you mean when you say A&M is a big family. My son lost his best friend this past May. Tanner was in the Corps of Cadets and had just finished his final exams…and was so excited about returning home for awhile. He and a buddy were involved in a fatal car accident. I attended his funeral with my son and I was so deeply touched as I listened to his Corps brothers and sisters as they shared stories about fish camp, traditions and their undying respect for Tanner. Excellent post! A & M is a wonderful school and I wish you much success!

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