A New Look

For Spring! And it’s about time, because I’ve been working on this for what seems like forever. But all is cool, because I now know how to build a WordPress Theme from scratch. Yeah! Now I’ll probably change looks so often it’ll drive you all nuts.

I hope you all like it – gimme some feedback!

3 thoughts on “A New Look”

  1. I think it’s beautemous!

    I do think the sidebar selections are a bit hard to read – might be a little darker, but other than that it’s way kewl!

  2. I love the look of your site. I didn’t know you changed it. Of course, this is my first time here. And purple is my favcorite color, so….

    Anyway, THANK YOU so much for putting Nanny Goats in Panties on your blog! I will be adding you to mine very very soon, I promise.

    You mentioned that your hubby does the laundry – so does mine! I’m not even sure how to work the washing machine since our current one was bought after we got married and he jumped right in and I never had a chance. However, you’re one up on me as he never comments on my blog. Hmmmm, now I’ve got ammunition: “Honey, you know OTHER blogger’s husbands comment on THEIR site….”.

  3. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that your very recent post of “To Breathe or Not To Breathe” struck me because my very recent post of “To Believe or Not To Believe” was such a coincidence!

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