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A Note From The Young One

Remember last week when I said I’d enlisted my kids to write guest posts for me and told them they could write about whatever they wanted?

Yeah.  You’ll note that this post is heavily foot-noted hyper-linked.  You can thank me later.

Oh, and yes – we’re working on the poor boy’s lousy self-esteem.  ::rolls eyes::

Alrighty then. When I first started to type this up, I thought to myself  “Hmm… What can I say that would appeal to a bunch of adult women that think I am the cutest thing ever?” I can’t put pictures of me shirtless, or else the FBI would be knocking on my door. So, I decided to do the next best thing – random crap!

So, I finished my midterm exams today for school. I think I did alright, I guess. I’m just glad they’re other with.

Speaking of exams, on exam days I bring my friend that I shall dub “Mr. NightShade”, or”Mr. IWantToStartAMetalBandCuzI’mCoolLikeThat” (while “Mr. IWantToStartAMetalBandCuzI’mCoolLikeThat” is more accurate, “Mr. NightShade” is short), home to hang out until his parents come pick him up. We do interesting things.

1. $#!* our pants playing Dead Space

2. Listen to endless metal (my ears are just fine, thank you)

3. Complain how we will probably never live out our artistic talents

4. Fail to make toast

My friends at school are weeeeird.

Speaking of art, I’m actually writing a story. Now, this is actually good, because everything else I have written have been direct parodies of popular movie genres. This, however, is actually a serious story. Well, as serious as I can make it anyway.

It’s a sci-fi story with… Uhm.. Aliens and robots and stuff.

Would be nice to actually be able to like, write this story. Crap.

Speaking of crap, people are nagging me to get Clock of Doodie: Black Cops (Call of Duty: Black Ops) for Christmas this year. I’m sorry, but no. Who likes to play the same generic FPS military shooter every single year? You might as well watch the revisions by George Lucas of Star Wars – they’re exactly the same as before but with stupid edits and GREEDO SHOT FIRST DRAMAMAMAMAMAMALAMNA.

Speaking of Star Wars, The Forced Unleashed 2 was a dissapointment.

Speaking of dissapointments, ever played any of the Silent Hill games after 4? I cried inside.

Speaking of the number four, forty-two is the answer to everything.

Speaking of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that book is awesome.

Speaking of books, I need to read more.

Speaking of reading, we sure do have alot of books downstairs.

Speaking of downstairs, (blahblahblahblahblahblahblah)… I don’t remember where I was going with this.

That’s me alright. *sigh*

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