Live Real. Eat Real.


My name is Jan.  I am a middle-aged wife, mother of three, step-mother of two, grandmother of one.

So far.  All those kids will be getting busy in the coming years, you know.

An enthusiastic (and talented, or so I’ve been told) cook and budding photographer, I’ve been blogging for over five years.  I was born and raised in Texas, but moved to northeast Ohio in 2005; I was not happy with this for four years at first, but I’ve pretty much acclimated now.  For money I help my husband run his software business.

Until, oh, April 2010, I was pretty much an equal opportunity gourmand – if it looked good, I’d either cook it, eat it or blog about it; a lot of the time, all three.  But about that time, I decided I’d had enough of being fat and feeling lousy and decided to do the low carb thing (again).  Then, as chance had it, I read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes,  Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal by Joel Salatin and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  It was then that I realized that it wasn’t just enough to cut sugar and refined carbohydrates out of my diet – I had to change the very nature of what I ate.

That began a journey which ended in a a side of grass fed beef, a pastured hog, pastured chickens and eggs and locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables.  We have cut out gluten-bearing grains, vegetable oils, refined sugars and unfermented soy; our diet falls in somewhere between a traditional foods diet and a paleo diet, although I prefer to call it a Real Food Diet.  My husband and I have both lost weight (I still have a bit more to go), but more importantly, I have bettered or completely eliminated many health problems: borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, chronic anemia and arthritis.  Physically, I feel better than I have in years.

The tenor of this blog changed then, but I try not to be preachy (Fight Back Fridays excepted).  I’ve also tried to keep the recipes of a sort that anyone would like to cook, not just those who eat the way I do, although you’ll find few recipes with sugar or grains, now.  And there will always be photographs.

Menopause not withstanding, life is good.

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