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Alas – No Poetry In This Soul

Argh – she’s done it to me again:  poetry is the subject of this week’s Spin Cycle.

I’m no poet.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I suck at poetry


I warned you.

Actually, I’ve tackled this subject exactly twice in the 2½ years (and 600 posts, as of today) I’ve been blogging.  This was my attempt the last time Jen (who is a talented poet) hit us with this:


Challenged, I struggle with this

Week’s Spin Cycle task.


William Shakespeare

I never pretended to

Be.  It’s a good thing.


I hope you all can

Forgive my lame attempts at

Haiku.  Hey, I tried.

The only other time I’ve written poetry, I wanted to express how much I miss Beloved when he’s traveling a lot for business:

O My Beloved!

How I miss you

When you’re away.

For it takes a butter knife

And five solid minutes

Of cursing for me

To remove the top

From the cocktail shaker.

And that’s about as good as it gets, poetry-wise, at the Sushi Bar.

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