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Alas – No Poetry In This Soul

Argh – she’s done it to me again:  poetry is the subject of this week’s Spin Cycle.

I’m no poet.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I suck at poetry


I warned you.

Actually, I’ve tackled this subject exactly twice in the 2½ years (and 600 posts, as of today) I’ve been blogging.  This was my attempt the last time Jen (who is a talented poet) hit us with this:


Challenged, I struggle with this

Week’s Spin Cycle task.


William Shakespeare

I never pretended to

Be.  It’s a good thing.


I hope you all can

Forgive my lame attempts at

Haiku.  Hey, I tried.

The only other time I’ve written poetry, I wanted to express how much I miss Beloved when he’s traveling a lot for business:

O My Beloved!

How I miss you

When you’re away.

For it takes a butter knife

And five solid minutes

Of cursing for me

To remove the top

From the cocktail shaker.

And that’s about as good as it gets, poetry-wise, at the Sushi Bar.


I am going to be laughing at that first poem for HOURS.
You think it stinks, I think it’s hilarious irony!
And your last attempt made me laugh again, you’re better than you think.
(Oh, saw your comment about me being behind the camera. It wasn’t me taking those pictures. Or my point and shoot. John has gotten himself a new toy. I’ll rant about it soon. )
You’re linked!

LPC says:

And that is why I love you. Sturdy Gals have serious issues with the whole poetry thing. Like, “What, did you forget some words? And why do I feel that mysterious yearning sensation. I don’t LIKE yearning.”

Mama Badger says:

I love your poetry. It speaks to me (and the fact that I don’t write poetry at all).

And yet, that’s the most entertaining poetry I’ve read in YEARS!
: )

BE says:

You’re not a poet and know it! Well done dear.

SuziCate says:

Thanks for the chuckle!

Duchess says:

Some of my best friends are poets. But that doesn’t mean I have to do it myself. I’m with you.

Michele says:

First off, no one beats Jen at poetry. I love your take on it though. That last one is so you!

rubbish says:

Never shake your own cocktail Jan
Always leave it for your Man
The end!

Jane Gaston says:

I’m with your girl, I, too, suck at poetry but I’ve missed being around so wanted to just say hi and hope Beloved returns soon… so he can shake your cocktails.


Jane Gaston says:

Actually, I meant to say “I’m with YOU girl…”

Gretchen says:

I’m afraid you and I are equally poetically challenged.

Erin says:

You did a fabulous job, nonetheless.


And yay for finding good organic meats (up above). I actually ate some chicken this past weekend at a Fourth cookout. I may come back into the land of meat eaters. Or bird eaters, at least. xo

That last one about Beloved and the cocktail shaker is a keeper! Hysterical and to the point. Which pretty much sums up what I think of you. Oh, and awesome.

Is that what I thought I saw… Congratulations on 600 posts. Given that poetry has no rhyme or reason these days, anything can be considered poetry. Even though it may not seem like good poetry to you it still serves its purpose and conveys a simple message in very few words.

Thanks for sharing,

Peg says:

First off, CONGRATS on 600! That is totally awesome. I’m coming up on 200 and thought that was a milestone.

Second, ROFLMAO at both the first poem (so witty) and the last, ode to Beloved. You may not consider yourself a poet but I think you’ve got some creative poetic juice lurking in there somewhere. I don’t consider myself a poet either so I feel your pain and my sister (SuziCate) is SUCH an awesome poet it really makes me feel inferior. I think you did a great job. Don’t sell yourself short.

Kate says:

Great and funny! Loved it!

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