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And It Was Good…

We’d only been in the American History museum for about 20 minutes when I came across this:

Julia Child's Kitchen

A replica of the set from one of Julia Child’s cooking shows during the 90’s.

I had to be dragged out.


I can “see” you now, them pulling you forcibly away from her mixer. Ha!

Very cool.
Are you looking forward to the movie with Meryl Streep?

Did you whip up something fabulous while you were in there?? Have a swig for me in her honor.

Pseudo says:

My bookclub’s book this month is Julie and Julia.

Anne Gibert says:

Gosh, the 90’s! I used to watch her in the 60’s. My aunt knew her, and a friend of my aunt’s was one of Julia’s helpers who crawled around under the counter during the show, handing her things and picking up stuff she dropped.

stoneskin says:

Dragged? You should have chained yourself inside.

Beth says:

Lovely! Can you talk like her now?

And I heard the news this afternoon and immediately thought of you. So sad that there is still so much hate in the world. I hope you were far, far away from the events at the Holocaust museum.

Monica says:

Damn…where are the camera’s when you really need them! lol

You know what my first thought was?…Remember the Saturday night live skit when Dan Ackroyd played Julia? I couldn’t watch her after that without laughing.

How very cool…I would like to see that myself.

So cool! I’m soooooo jealous! Did they have wine?

A Free Man says:

Very cool! I learned some of my culinary skills from her show growing up!

Michele says:

If I had been there I would have fought them off so you could have stayed.

What time are we meeting for lunch today?

Rebecca says:

Nothing better than cooking with wine…especially if the recipe calls for some.

Lori says:

LOL! Oh Jan I can just see you there! Picturing them dragging you out is quite the amuzing picture!

Tricia says:

I know you keep handcuffs in your purse. You could have cuffed yourself to something.

The Young One says:

Oh, lawrd, you don’t know how tough it was to drag her out of there. Lul.

Tricia says:

Hah! I love that The Young One is piping up on this.
.-= Tricia´s last blog ..Brain Sex…Do You Need It? =-.

Jane Gaston says:

I can just see them dragging you out, screaming and kicking to be let back in!
.-= Jane Gaston´s last blog ..The FBI and Me =-.

Lola says:

Oh how cool! I would have had to be dragged out too. I would have probably told my family that I’ll stay here while you go elsewhere.

Stopping by for the June 1000 Comment Challenge.
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