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Autumn in Ohio’s Farmlands

No RTT today; I’ve got one started, but I just haven’t had time to do the whole thing justice so it will just have to wait until next week.  We are VERY busy; lots going on at work this week and then Jolly and Little Guy will be in town visiting for about 10 days next week.  Right now I’m so tired I can barely stay awake (as I write this Monday night).

However, one day last week, Beloved (who can tell when I’m going stir crazy) suggested I take the afternoon off from work and take my camera for a spin in the country, which I did gladly.  Because, y’all, Autumn in Ohio’s farmlands can be a breathtaking sight.

Autumn in Ohio Farmlands

Autumn in Ohio Farmlands Again


In a Graveyard

Driveway and Lamppost

Brown and Gold

Things Are Looking Up

Field O Grass

Have a lovely Autumn day, y’all.

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