Avoiding the Flu

It’s cold here again today.  See?

Chillier in Podunk

For those of you who are metric, that’s -17 C.  BRRRRR!!

Of course, the “flu epidemic” is all the news right now and I, for one, am determined to avoid it if I can.  However, my preventative measures will not include a flu shot.

For one thing, in the last 20 years, with the exception of about 5 years ago when I caught it from The Young One, the only time I’ve gotten the flu is when I’ve gotten a flu shot.  Well, duh – you’re being injected with the flu virus (to say nothing of a nice dose of mercury – there’s nothing like good ol’ heavy metals circulating throughout your body, is there?).   According to Scientific American, flu vaccines are almost useless for the very demographics for which they are most recommended – the very young and the very old – and they’re generally not all that effective for the rest of us.

So, what am I doing?  Well, avoiding crowded public places as much as possible and dosing daily with vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, cinnamon, fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil – both of the latter are available from Green Pasture Products and, if I’m not mistaken, are available via Amazon.com, as well.  The cod liver oil and butter oil aren’t cheap, but I’d rather spend a little extra money if means not coming down with what appears to be a particularly virulent strain of the flu; I’ve heard of people being flat on their backs for a week or more.

There’s also increasing evidence that homemade bone broths, rich with easily absorbable minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, and trace minerals difficult to obtain elsewhere, are also effective in preventing colds and flu, so I’ve begun incorporating tasty beef and chicken bone broths into my daily diet.  They are particularly nice and warming on these very cold winter mornings, if nothing else.  Of course, a healthy diet rich in nutrient dense foods is also beneficial, so I’ve been incorporating more leafy green vegetables – particularly kale – and organ meats, as well as pastured eggs, into our meals lately.

So far, so good – we’ve been flu-free so far this winter, and according to the CDC it appears to be winding down.  One can only hope.

Have you had the flu this year?  If not, what are you doing to try to prevent it?

8 thoughts on “Avoiding the Flu”

  1. My strategy is to avoid crowds. That’s why I got sick instead of going to New york last week and jumped on a plane to come to S. Dakota. Only about 800,000 in the whole state – flu can’t jump around so quickly.

  2. I’m phobic of needles to the extent of having to turn away when there’s someone being injected on TV or in a movie, so I avoid any unnecessary shots. So I’m taking my vitamin C, drinking my bone broth, and being a hermit as often as possible!

  3. it’s negative 36 here today!!! It’s killing me. Anyways, I work at a hospital. every year I got the flu shot. every year i got sick multiple times. Then I switched to eating paleo. I have not gotten sick or even come CLOSE to getting sick since eating this way. My boyfriend has, my co-workers have, and I have not 🙂 If I feel a tickle in the throat i take some oregano oil and all is well 🙂 I also take the FCLO/BO blend from green pastures. & zinc! I heard it helps when you get sick so I started taking it whenever I remember…not that often.

  4. Every year I had to fight tooth and nail with my mother-in-laws doctors about the flu shoot. They thought she should have it because she was old and frail. I thought she shouldn’t have it because she was old and frail and the one time I did let her have it she was sick as a dog. I always won the fight and she never got the flu again. I’ve never gotten a flu shot in my adult life. I’ve also never had the flu. Must be all that good living or the wine. Either one works for me. 🙂

  5. It’s always cold in Alaska ( kids play outside at recess until the temp is -10 including windchill). I find limiting dairy and no grains have really helped my immune system. My body was always working hard when I consumed dairy/grains, thus weakening my body…causing me to catch colds easily. Vit. D is a must ( sun doesn’t shine very long in the winter), Vit. C, local eggs, and exercise have kept the family healthy so far 🙂

  6. I also have gotten sick when getting the flu shot. I have a weakened immune system, from white blood cells that don’t produce as much as they should, so I have a hard time fighting off infections.
    I increase my Vitamin D, avoid crowds as much as possible, and make sure to get lots of sleep and plenty of water.

  7. I agree! Well presented as always. Well informed choices about what we put into our bodies is our privilege and responsibility, isn’t it? Thank you, Jan.

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