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Best Blogger Awards Bust

It occurred to me recently (very recently – like this morning) that I never updated you on how the whole Best Blogger Awards over at ended.

It was a bust.

Well, not a complete bust, I suppose – out of 20 nominees, I came in 7th (and way ahead of Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks and Chocolate and Zucchini, I might add).  Really, there only ever really appeared to be 3 true contenders and even the fat-free vegan blog didn’t win.  No, it was Skinny Taste, replete with literally dozens of recipes for low-fat cookies, cupcakes, muffins, breads and desserts (each recipe with painstakingly calculated Weight Watchers points) that took the honors in the food blog division of the contest.

Honestly, I really can’t complain since the winner was chosen by reader’s votes, and is it really surprising that the winner is a low-fat blog when that is’s food philosophy?

However, I do believe I’m justified in being a tad disgusted with how they handled the whole damn thing.  They emailed me not only once, but twice, when I was nominated and then two more times for my essay about my blog – which, as I predicted, they never published.  Not only did they not publish it, I never heard a single word back from them.  Not so much as a “sorry, but you’re a loser” notification.  I could respect it if they’d told me something like “You just don’t fit the image we’re trying to project and don’t feel our readers can identify with your lifestyle” even if I don’t agree with it, but I guess doesn’t have to worry too much about professional courtesy (to say nothing of just plain human courtesy) when dealing with the little guys.

They’ll figure out soon enough that it’s us little guys – what I like to call the Real Food Foodies, with our cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, grass-fed beef liver, pastured whole eggs and homemade bone broths – who are really driving the bus into a nourishing, sustainable future.

To paraphrase one certain headless lady:  Let them eat CAFO.  And keep their silly blog awards.

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