This Little Blogger Went To Market

My enthusiasm for our local farmer’s markets is pretty well known, but since this week’s Spin Cycle is “photo essays,” I thought I’d give you some visual representations as to why.

Cabbage, Chard and Kale
The first of the season's apples
Garlic and Peppers
A variety of snap beans
Jams, Jellies and Preserves
Local Honey
Handmade Pottery

These are just a few of the things available at our local farmer’s markets.  But the best thing?  The people.

Our Vegetable Farmer
Our Poultry Farmer
Our Bee Keeper

One of Beloved’s favorite t-shirts says sports the phrase, “Don’t Buy Food From Strangers.”  We don’t (and I don’t even have pictures of our beef farmer or the lady who sells handmade, artisan goat cheeses or our butcher or our local dairy farm).

Oh, how we love our farmers!
The Haul

And this little blogger cried, “Whee!  Whee!  Whee!” all the way home…

9 thoughts on “This Little Blogger Went To Market”

  1. quite a haul. i just can’t seem to reproduce that pic quality with my cell phone….what am i doing wrong;) ? looks like you will be busy in the kitchen as usual.

    i wish beets weren’t so expensive. i haven’t figured them out yet in the garden. same with the fingerling potatoes you mentioned previously.

  2. That’s quite a haul! I do love all of our local farmers, and you’re absolutely right, it pays to know them well. I’m with Be, where’s the like button?

  3. Fabulous! Our Farmer’s Market is on Thursdays too. It’s close enough to walk to, which is awesome. There’s our Bread Guy who makes the most amazing bread, and sells little baggies of cookies for $1. DS just LOVES his “trip to the market” to get cookies from the Bread Guy and was very disappointed that he wasn’t there today. Of course, DS thinks the Farmer’s Market is to be a personal free sample smorgasbord.

  4. Everything looks fantastic. Just the vibrancy of all those colors. Sounds way more fun that just grocery shopping. And I just want to hug your beekeeper. He is adorable.

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