Boy, Howdy!

It's A Boy!Well, Friday we got the phone call we’d been waiting for for the last several weeks.

Jolly went to the doctor.

Had a sonogram.

It’s a boy.

I bet you never guessed.

I even have pictures to prove it!

I guess.

It's a boy?

That’s a penis, there.

If you say so, doc.

Actually, I like this pic much better – it’s kinda cool, actually.

It's definitely a baby!

It’s a baby!  Really!


Oh, and if you think your kids won’t say just cute-as-a-button things once they’re teenagers, I’m here to say “You are SO wrong!”

You are SO wrong.

When we picked The Young One up at the airport Saturday after he spent the entire week living off of microwavable chicken products had a fun-filled Spring Break with his paterfamilia, Beloved asked him, “Guess what sex Jolly’s having!”

To which the boy replied:


They’re just so darn cute at that age.

20 thoughts on “Boy, Howdy!”

  1. I don’t trust those pictures. Too many stories where the cord was blocking the penis, so the scanner claimed it was a girl, or the cord was masquerading as a penis, so the scanner claimed it was a boy!

  2. hahahha great! love the young ones comment.

    And cool with the baby pic. My friend had a 3D video recorded of her baby recently, kinda strange but cool how much they are “alive” in there… i just imagine them asleep but her baby was opening and shutting its eyes, trying to cry, sucking it’s thumb. cool stuff!

    SSGs last blog post..Home Alone

  3. LOL! Yes they say such precious things when they are teenagers! I think the machines they use to take the altra sound pictures are much more advanced these days then they we were when I had them. They told me that my middle daughter was a boy and then of course she wasn’t. I can’t remember…when is your grandson due to be born? You are so going to love being a grandma!!!

    Loris last blog post..I Am Beautiful Like Me.

  4. *snort* I almost spit my diet Coke all over my computer screen. Young One said that to his MOTHER????? Are you freaking kidding me????? OMG. I’d never heard of anal sex when I was a teenager, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. heh. Holy crap!

    Midlife Mamas last blog post..I just want to be ok

  5. I was a great straight man for the Young One. As he was quick to point out, I should have said “GENDER”. But it wouldn’t have been as funny. I was driving down the highway at 65 MPH – lucky I didn’t roll the car laughing!

    I can’t make out anything in this Rorschach tests – but I can see a face in the second one – Looks cute – He must take after his Grandpa!

  6. I’ve been waiting to see if you were going to post the pictures! The picture that says its a boy is the scrotum and the penis (way to small to be mistaken for the umbilical cord). No dad that does not me my baby will have a small penis so don’t even say it!! What made the anel sex answer even better was that the young one was terrified to talk to me on the phone after my dad told me!

  7. Ah I didn’t know you were gonna be a granny! Congratulations!

    Oh girl, I know exactly how precious teenagers are…My four keep my heart warm with adorable comments like that too. I just keep telling myself that someday their own little angels will thrill them with colorful conversation.

    Monicas last blog post..Children Online

  8. That kid has a future — not the in utero one (though he might too) — the funny one. Not cute, but funny.

    Someone can see a penis in those pictures? I can’t even see a baby.

    But, if you say so. I have one of those to post myself…

    Duchesss last blog post..Along the tow path

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