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Boy, Howdy!

It's A Boy!Well, Friday we got the phone call we’d been waiting for for the last several weeks.

Jolly went to the doctor.

Had a sonogram.

It’s a boy.

I bet you never guessed.

I even have pictures to prove it!

I guess.

It's a boy?

That’s a penis, there.

If you say so, doc.

Actually, I like this pic much better – it’s kinda cool, actually.

It's definitely a baby!

It’s a baby!  Really!


Oh, and if you think your kids won’t say just cute-as-a-button things once they’re teenagers, I’m here to say “You are SO wrong!”

You are SO wrong.

When we picked The Young One up at the airport Saturday after he spent the entire week living off of microwavable chicken products had a fun-filled Spring Break with his paterfamilia, Beloved asked him, “Guess what sex Jolly’s having!”

To which the boy replied:


They’re just so darn cute at that age.

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