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All Boy


Be says:

Couldn’t you have photo shopped out my gray and balding head?

Linda Tustin says:

LOL- with a kid that cute in the picture, no one even noticed your head. 😛

PD says:

Yes….but I really didn’t notice 😉

Linda Tustin says:

love that kids flyaway duck hair too!

He’s so adorable. (And I’m talking about Be’s gray head!)
Ha ha!
Did you know your photos don’t come through on google reader?
I keep meaning to tell you …..

Ginger says:

That kid just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Seriously, has anyone thought of putting him in an audition? The kids I see on TV can’t hold a candle to his expressive face. He’s a DOLL!!

Mrsbear says:

I love the fearlessness. He’s quite the adorable little adventurer. My youngest is just like that. No slide too tall.

Michele says:

Love the scared baby hair. All sticky up all over the place.

Be says:

You talkin about me or the cutie?

MamaBadger says:

What a sweetie pie! Those pretty blue eyes. He’s certainly a little boy. Again, and again, and again.

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