12 thoughts on “The Buck Stops Here”

  1. I showed this picture to my little’s and the first thing out of Jordan’s mouth was did she get out her gun and shoot it and now they are butchering it? And Nevaeh being the animal lover she is said, “Oh how beatuiful! I hope they didn’t kill it.” LOL

  2. you may be able to take that deer with bow or crossbow in your community right now. gun laws are different in every community but deer are not in season for guns right now in ohio. it is quite frustrating when i go to a rural area of ohio where i can legally shoot deer and i don’t see anything close enough to take. then i get in urban settings and i can almost touch them or hit them with my car. man i would love some strawberry fed venison.

    1. Chuck, if I were going to hunt, it would be with a bow – for one thing, bow season lasts longer in Ohio. But could I have shot it with a bow or crossbow in my back yard? That’s what I’m curious about…

      1. in your municipality, you may be able to take a deer with a bow in season, with a license and tag. ask the people at Kames and/or gander mountain, they would know.

  3. A single medium sized dog would scare that guy away.

    Once I was doing my weekend hike in the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces with my medium-sized mutt, half sheepdog, half fence-jumper, and we came across a huge buck. He immediately got spooked and ran down the canyon and my doggy took chase.

    I was struck by the fact that this buck was running from an animal he could easily toss like a rag doll, and by how fast those two made it down to the bottom of the canyon that had taken me 20 minutes to hike up, and actually started going up the other side before I managed to call my dog back. A four-legged animal going up or down rough terrain kicks our ass so bad it’s just ridiculous.

    1. Our dog (a dachshund mix) who barks at birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, bicycles, joggers, children playing in the street, the UPS man, the meter reader, the trash man and the doorbell, merely sat on the sofa. Didn’t even flinch.

  4. He’s lucky he wasn’t eating the asparagus. I would have had to get a shovel and go all “Chuck” on him. I guess I need a bigger fence.

    1. don’t underestimate the what a man will do to protect his family’s food. not to mention what he will do to protect the literal “fruits of his labor”.

    1. Randy, if my freezers weren’t already full of a side of grass-fed beef, an entire hog, many chickens, some goat and lamb, plus the lovely doe we were gifted just last week, I’d be right there with you. I love me some venison.

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