Live Real. Eat Real.


I have a recipe for gluten-free waffles for you, but I have a husband, a daughter, a grandson and four bottomless pits teenage boys in my house this morning, and we have a busy day planned.  The zoo.  Visiting the butcher.  Picking up fresh chickens and eggs from a farmer.

Why, yes – I am feeling better.  Finally.  Thank goodness.

At any rate, I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for gluten-free waffles.  Which are quite good.

Have a lovely Thursday, y’all.


chuck says:

have a great day….stay cool.

Jen says:

I hope the zoo was GREAT. (And with those little mister things you can walk through on hot days.)

Be says:

Two and a half hours walking the hilly terrain in 90 degree heat! Proof that eventually, all heals.

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