Cauliflower Soup with White Truffle Oil

I have about 5 different posts started, but none that I feel like I can complete (it’s been a long week and I’m still not feelling 100%).  Is it any surprise I’d fall back on a recipe?

You’ll like this one.  It’s more like a bisque than just a plain soup, and if you omit the half and half it’s really quite healthy.  At any rate, you’ll be surprised at just how good it is.  People who don’t normally like cauliflower like this – it is reminiscent of a good potato soup, without the carbs and calories.

Note: Use a blender, and not a food processor, to puree the cauliflower.  I’ve had people tell me they get good results with a stick blender, but I have not.  All I can tell you is that I’ve had much better results with a conventional blender – using a food processor left the soup far too “grainy.”

Another Note: The truffle oil is not essential, but it’s a nice indulgent touch.  Since the oil’s flavor dissipates with heat, add it to the soup just before serving.  If you can’t find truffle oil, a good, extra-virgin olive oil works just as well.

Cauliflower Soup with White Truffle Oil

serves 2 – 3 as a main course with a good crusty bread and salad, or 6 as a first course

2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) butter

1 large onion, finely chopped

1 pound cauliflower florets (about 5 cups)

2 – 14 1/2 oz. cans low-sodium chicken broth

1/2 cup light cream or half and half

1 teaspoon white truffle oil* or extra virgin olive oil

Melt butter in heavy large pot over medium heat.  Add onion and saute until tender, about 8 minutes.  Add cauliflower and saute 2 more minutes.  Add broth.  Cover and simmer until cauliflower is tender, about 20 – 25 minutes.

Working in batches, transfer soup to blender and puree until smooth.  Return soup to pot (soup can be prepared 1 day ahead; cool slightly, cover and refrigerate).  Bring soup to a simmer; add half and half and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Ladle soup into bowls; drizzle with truffle or olive oil.  Garnish with thinly sliced chives, if desired.

*White truffle oil is available at Italian markets, many specialty food stores and some supermarkets.

15 thoughts on “Cauliflower Soup with White Truffle Oil”

  1. FIRST!!!

    We loooooooove the cauliflower! Beautiful wife mixes it into rice (we’re into hiding vegetables from the three-year-old), but I’ve always loved this vegetable for some reason. Your recipe looks fantastic! And, I know what everything is! Except the white truffle oil. Hmm. I’m going to save myself some time and just assume Walmart isn’t going to have it…

    goodfathers last blog post..Pudding pants

  2. I think I will try this one out for dinner today. Feeling a little under the weather myself and soup sounds like just the ticket. Do you think the truffle oil makes the difference? My supermarket is pretty good and will probably have it but we have Whole Foods and Fresh Market here too so I’m sure I can find it. Just wondering if you think it’s worth the extra trip?

    Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..SAVING HIS SOUL

  3. Goodfather – I’m pretty willing to bet Walmart won’t have truffle oil, which is really a truffle infused olive oil. Just use a really good quality extra-virgin olive oil. It’ll still taste really good.

    MLS – I don’t see why you couldn’t use potatoes. It would probably be really tasty, but I’ll have to find a good potato soup recipe for you.

    SMB – the truffle oil is really wonderful, but I don’t think it makes such a difference that you need to run out to a specialty store for it. It’s not exactly cheap so unless you make the soup a lot (and I do in the winter, it is soooo good) or you can find another use for truffle oil, I’d just use extra-virgin olive oil.

  4. Wait till she tells you about her mashed cauliflower. I prefer it to mashed potatoes and it is MUCH better for you!

  5. Wishing you lots of recuperative time over the weekend.

    Onions are forbidden in my house. ONCE they tried to come in and I smacked them around until they swore they’d never come back. Otherwise the recipe sounds delicious and I love cauliflower.

    tricias last blog post..Getting Over Myself

  6. I didn’t make it last night but we had it for dinner tonight. I guess I was still foggy headed when I made the list for MHS. He was a sweetheart and went to the store for me. I didn’t realize I was out of butter and so had to use Smart Balance spread. Still it was delicious. I used the extra virgin olive oil instead of truffle oil and then sprinkled some shredded cheese and parsley on top. It was delicious. MHS love it too. He did mention it would be better with steak. He is one of those meat and potato guys who thinks no meal is complete without meat. But still loved it and had two bowls. I used the immersion blender even tho you advised against it. I just couldn’t muster up the energy to have to clean the blender too. Next time I’ll make it when I’m feeling better and try to follow your instructions to the T. Thanks for sharing Jan. It was very yummy and perfect comfort food.

    Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM A FOGGY HEAD

  7. Sweetie- this sounds devine. I’ll have to make it just for myself as John does not “think” he likes cauliflower. He’ll try it though- he won’t be able to resist- Maybe I will have a way to share my love of the white broccoli (as I think of it for some reason)

    I made a baked butternut squash and sausage with green apple casserole this weekend that turned out pretty good.

    I love the fact that I know I can “save” your recipes here.

  8. Oooh … this made me hungry. I’m craving soup … but damn if it wasn’t in the 90’s still today. I can’t wait for some cooler soup-making weather. And now I’m hungry. And it’s getting pretty late. What’s for breakfast?

  9. K Jan. Bought the stuff and am making it this week. It’s my turn to host bookclub and it is actually cool, stormy and breezy over here. So I’m making two Fall soups and Miss Cauliflower is one of them.

    phhhsts last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #8

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