Chocolate Martini

Okie dokie, I can take a hint (if applied subtly…with something like a sledge hammer).

So, I managed to grab Beloved between business calls and told him, “Dear – I’m in a bit of a spot and need your help. I’ve got a horde of middle-aged bloggerettes clamoring for your chocolate martini recipe.”

(Okay, so maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but a little ego-stroking never did anyone’s marriage any harm.)

Beloved, being the indulgent, marital-partner type he is, immediately responded with, “It depends on what’s in the liquor cabinet on any given Friday night.”

He was once a Boy Scout, you know – if he can’t be prepared, he can sure as hell improvise.

Anyhoo, after a little eyelash-batting I got him to give me a basic recipe. Note: If a “part” constitutes a good-sized shot glass (and when Beloved’s the bartender, it does) this will make two perfect martinis. Assuming you plan to consume both yourself, you will NOT need a third.

Chocolate Martini

serves 2 – or me

3 parts good vanilla-flavored vodka

1 part creme de cocoa

1 part Godiva chocolate liqueur

Hershey’s syrup in a squeeze bottle

Mix all of the ingredients except the syrup with ice in a large cocktail shaker and shake well.

Drizzle the syrup all over the inside of a well-chilled martini glass. (Depending on how much the bartender has had to drink, the chocolate syrup will decorate the glass with fanciful designs like flowers, butterlies or the words “Hot Momma.”)

Strain half of the concoction into the chocolate-drizzled glass and serve it to the Hot Momma person of your choice.

Stick the cocktail shaker in the freezer to keep it good and cold, because she will want the rest.

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  1. Thanks Jan! I actually improvised and bought some chocolate vodka and creme de cocoa but your recipe sounds better! I am writing it down and giving to my better half along with the “hot mama” instructions! LOL

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