It’s A Caption Contest!

Yup, this is completely off the cuff.  I have a Fight Back Friday post in the works, but we were distracted last night when I received a call from Oldest Son that someone broke into his apartment while he was at work and stole his television, two video gaming consoles (an Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii) along with all of his games for both – over 40 games.  It’s all a bit suspicious; his computer, DVD player, DVDs, handheld gaming systems (PSP and Nintendo DS) and other items easily pawned were all left behind.  The responding police officer told him that 90% of the time, the thief is someone the victim knows; interesting, because Oldest Son does know someone who would do this to him.  So we’ll see.  I’m just relieved that my son was not home when this happened and is all right – things can (and will) be replaced.

Anyhoo, yesterday I saw this photo on Facebook:

It tickled me to no end.  When I sent it to Oldest Son (this was before he found out what had happened to his apartment while he was at work), he came back with, “We need more power to the warp sausage, Scotty!!

Beloved countered with “I canna change the laws of pastrami, Captain!!

So, give me your caption for this photo – the one that makes us laugh the hardest will win a $25 gift certificate to  (If you have not been to this site, go now – it will bring out your inner geek in no time at all.  Yes, you have one.)  The contest ends Sunday at midnight, EST.

Now, have a little fun and have a lovely Friday.


18 thoughts on “It’s A Caption Contest!”

  1. I signed aboard this ship for the Deli, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across space by this gadget

  2. There are Klingons on the starboard link!

    I am sorry to hear about the break in, I’m sure to know that it was someone he knew makes it that much more frustrating. Glad he’s safe, stuff is replaceable.

  3. Ugh, I am so late in the game, sorry.
    Definitely not “Live Long and Kosher”.
    Maybe “Destination Planet Hillshire Farms” or “The Enterprise is going up in smoke(r)!”
    Yeah, there are better ones ahead of me here. 🙂

  4. “Captain, we’re receiving a transmission from Kahn…….he says if we don’t surrender…..he’s going to CUT THE CHEESE!!”

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