Creatively Uncreative

Colored PencilsThis week’s Spin Cycle assignment is “creative writing.”

You have no idea how much I froze up when I read that.

You see, I automatically interpreted it as “write something fictitious” and the whole idea just gave me a great raging case of the hives; while I’m creative in many areas of my life, writing isn’t one of them.  Oh, I can tell a story – make it funny, even – but I didn’t start blogging because I’m some sort of frustrated, undiscovered Alice Walker wannabe.  I don’t have The Great American Novel languishing away in a trunk somewhere just waiting for me to take it out, dust it off, spruce it up and send it off to some lucky publisher to earn me a million dollars.

Believe me, I’ve tried.  And I’ve found that while I love reading fiction, I can’t write it worth squat.

Then I read Pseudo’s creative spin cycle – an extremely interesting poem – and realized “Ahhhh – I’m off the hook!  It doesn’t necessarily have to be ficiton!”  Until I realized that I suck even worse at poetry.

It appears the extent of my creative writing is observing, during a Yahoo Instant Message conversation with Oldest Son, that in regards to a certain salesman I know, “You could slap his brain down on the head of a pin and it would just roll around like a B.B. on a six lane highway.”

Because I have mastered the art of the Creative Insult.

So, keeping all of this in mind, I submit to you the Jan’s Sushi Bar version of Creative Writing:

Phuque Yew

Have a lovely Wednesday, y’all.

16 thoughts on “Creatively Uncreative”

  1. I think youare very creative and I love your writing voice. Makes me feel like I know you.

    And thanks for the linky love. So Sweet.

    Pseudos last blog post..Love

  2. Now…i wish i had thought of that. I jammed out *hangs head in shame*

    In my defense, my creative forces have been a little ‘jammed’ also cos of the stupid melodrama i’ve been subjected to lately.

    i knew i should have paid stoneskin to pen something for me…

    thistles last blog post..More silliness and insignificance….

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