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Please Don’t Feed The Dinosaurs…Or The Kids

Beloved woke me up this morning by mumbling, “Stop feeding Filet Mignon to the dinosaur!  It’s expensive!”

I’d like to say I have no idea what kind of a dream the man was having, but I’m afraid it was all too clear.  It amused me, though, so I related the incident to The Young One while I made his breakfast, and Beloved was stumbling, bleary-eyed, toward the coffee pot (I told him not to bother watching the end of the game last night, and I was right – Texas choked).

“You laugh,” he said (because The Young One was), “but you know good and damn well that if we had a pet dinosaur, your mother would be feeding him grass-fed beef.”

I really do take exception to that – the dog gets CAFO beef, mixed with grass-fed or pastured organ meats.  A dinosaur would be any different?

But it also explains my dilemma about Halloween this year.  I love the holiday, and always have, although my enjoyment of it has diminished somewhat since moving to Ohio (not by choice, believe me).  However, I cannot in good conscience give what I’ve come to view as poison, and I don’t want to be like the neighborhood dentist – every neighborhood has one, and he always hands out toothbrushes.  So, we’ve reluctantly decided not to participate this year, which is sad, but what alternatives do we have?

Because you know if I’ve been instructed not to feed the dinosaur Filet Mignon, it’s certainly not an option for trick-or-treaters.

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