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Fifth, Not First

Fifth place, y’all.  I’m in fifth place over at’s Best Healthy Eating Blog competition.  They have apparently fixed whatever issue it was that allows unlimited voting, so one is all you get.  For those of you who have voted, thank you!  Help me move up in rank by continuing to spread the word.  Remember – I’m the only paleo/primal/real food blogger on the list, so this is a pretty big deal (to me, at least).

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts to help me attain first place, but it looks like Skinny Taste is going to take it, which really isn’t surprising.  Her blog has had a lot of exposure (she’s been featured on, Gourmet Live and and she’s got the Weight Watchers crowd.  But you know what’s really funny?  Remember all those A-List bloggers I was worried about?  I’ve left them in the dust.


For more Spins about “firsts”, head on over the Sprite’s Keeper.  Why, yes – I was having trouble with the subject matter; why do you ask? 😛

And if you haven’t voted yet, you can by clicking here.  I wonder how I can get Mark Sisson to mention this…

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