28 thoughts on “IT’S SO FLUFFEH!!!!”

  1. What a sweet puppy.
    I had planned to do just about the same thing this week. I mean really, “It’s a dog’s life”? Kind of a no brainer.

  2. Aw, he kind of reminds me of Harry! Only without the grouchy “I may bite you if you remotely resemble a snausage” look. And I WANT THAT PILLOW PET!
    You’re linked!

    1. I didn’t even know what a “pillow pet” was until I picked this guy up. Now I want one that looks like a lady bug.

    1. Honestly? Because I bought it just for this post. Yes, I did. And the damn dog could not have been less interested in it.

      Both The Young One (who is quite susceptible to “cute”) and I are terribly disappointed.

  3. Scooter: Don’t look, Mr. Fuffels! This is the part where the guy wakes up with a horses head in his bed!

    1. ROFLMAO!!

      Uh, you DID notice the disembodied stuffed horse head in front of our favorite four-legged friend? It would be an entirely appropriate film.

  4. Spoiled puppy! And he could care less about mythical creatures (it is EXACTLY how he treats cats and small dogs) – just give him a rope toy to chew the heck out of and he is happy.

    1. Oh, he was COMPLETELY disinterested in the unicorn pillow. I had Nick take it up to the “nursery.”

  5. Wait, you BOUGHT a unicorn pillow pet just for Spin Cycle?? You’re the best, Jan. What sort of pup is that? xoxoxoxo

    1. Yes, I did – we had nary a unicorn in the house. LOL Scooter is a dachshund/beagle mix, with a bit more dachshund than beagle.

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