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Frankly, I Think She’s On To Something

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone today (and I have a ton of stuff to do), so no Spin Cycle today – I’ll post it tomorrow.  However, I thought I’d post this because I found it both hilarious and thought-provoking:

I know a few of my readers are educators, and even more have children that are either school-aged or have graduated from public schools and I’d really like your thoughts on this.

Texas was the very first state in the country to have standardized testing, which means that our kids were among the first to be put through the grist-mill. Beloved and I have very serious issues with standardized testing – as the parents of five children, we can tell you there is absolutely nothing standard about them.  Couple this with the fact that OGT testing – the standardized test here in Ohio that a child must pass in order to graduate – is being administered this week (and has completely disrupted The Young One’s schedule AND education), well, I’d like your opinions.

Standardized testing – what do you think of it?

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