Friday Randomness #3

It seems I have something going on here doesn’t it?  Friday just seems to be such a good day for randomness, though.  And it relieves me from all sorts of pressure to write something that has “substance.”

Oh, shut up.  I’ve a right to my delusions of substance.

This week has been full of ups and downs.  Here’s a sample of the “ups”:

If you’ll recall, in an earlier post I talked some about how The Young One is growing up more quickly than I care to deal with, and how Beloved decided to handle it.  Well, the first Playboy arrived earlier this week, not to mention a “free gift” in the form of a DVD titled “Sexy Nude Coeds.”  (Oh, boy – I see more disturbing fun search terms in my future…)  The whole thing was amusing, I have to tell ya.  When it came in the mail, The Young One wasn’t even aware of it, because the damn thing was wrapped in black plastic and sported nothing other than a mailing label to indicate what might be inside.  Of course, Beloved called dibs on it, stating he had to make sure the content was all “okay” for a young teenage boy to view.


He sort of wandered off with it, and I forgot all about it until I found him, a few minutes later, standing in the kitchen with the gatefold hanging open, a slight frown and concerned expression on his face.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, wondering if Miss September had some sort of permanent disfigurement that couldn’t be airbrushed away.

“She’s just a kid,” responded Beloved, sounding bemused.

I stepped around and took a peek myself.  A shapely young woman wearing nothing but ballet shoes stood in front of a mirror.  I lifted up the gatefold and peeked at her profile on the back while Beloved continued his worried perusal of her pictures on the opposite page.

“It says here she’s the same age as Darling Daugher and Thing One,” I said, shrugging.  Old enough to have her picture taken sans tutu, if that’s what she wanted.

“Oh, my GAWD!” declared Beloved, horrified, as he dropped the magazine.  “She’s just a BABY!!”

Which explains why the “Sexy Nude Coeds” DVD is still unopened, laying on the dresser in our bedroom where it was carelessly tossed.  Yes, indeed.

As for the downs, I am sharing some of mine with the rest of the country, riding the economic roller coaster, wondering how the hell we’re going to get ourselves out of this fix.  If we can get ourselves out of it.  I spent nearly an hour on the phone this morning with my whacky-but-lovable sister, who is also the mother of AKJ, lending moral support while she deals with his very deep depression and continues her fight with the insurance company and Medicaid, both of whom are giving her the runaround.  Darling Daughter took a Greyhound back to Texas last week after a messy break-up with the boyfriend du jour and has moved back in with Oldest Son, against my advice, but we’ll see how it goes.

And today, as I cracked open a fortune cookie after devouring a huge portion of Kung Po Chicken in a Prednisone-driven feeding frenzy, I got this:

I shit you not.  This is the genuine article.

And it makes me very glad I’m not the superstitious type.

So now I’ll leave you with more amusing search terms used to find my blog.

– Because

Yes, someone searched the word “because” and found my site.  Don’t ask me why.

– Naturist family camping

All I can say is, the family who camps nude has no teenagers.  Or, at least, any who will be caught dead in public with them.

– How to deal with your child who found out there is no santa claus

I hope THAT visitor wasn’t too terribly disappointed, because heaven knows I completely botched the job.

– Crush the hope out of

The most disturbing thing about this term is that it was used more than once.

– Sushi suck bar

I get a lot of searches for things that include “sushi” and that one just cracked me up for some reason.

– Housewives who don’t wear shoes

People are just odd.

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  1. I thought about you the other day when ST called me and started explaining that he’d gone to myspace and “suddenly a porn thing popped up on the screen.” He didn’t click on anything to get it, don’t cha know! LOL o.k. yes I was born at night but not last night. I think naughty julie scared the hell out of him. ha!

    Midlife Slicess last blog post..Hot! Hot! Hot!

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