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Hiking Hocking HillsWe’re back from Hocking Hills, where our internet connection was spotty at best, so I didn’t get to post while away.  Which is fine, really – everyone needs a day or three off now and then.  We played many games with the kids, spent much time in the hot tub and ate a lot of good food.

Beloved and I also did some hiking.  I believe I’ve mentioned in the past that hiking ranks about 523rd on my list of Favorite Things To Do, but Beloved enjoys it so I tag along from time to time (even when it is 90º F with 80% humidity at 9 a.m.).

Tuesday’s hike wasn’t so bad; the terrain was relatively flat and easy to walk.  Wednesday’s, however, was only relatively flat and easy to walk at the bottom of of a stream bed, and getting there constituted climbing up and down over moss and lichen-covered rocks and ducking under fallen trees.  This poses little problem for my 6’1″ husband and his very long legs, but I’m only 5′ tall, and my legs are considerably shorter.  He climbed; I slid on my butt a lot.

In hindsight it was fun, but while it was happening I cussed up a storm uttered a few choice words.

After listening to me kvetch for awhile, Beloved observed, “It’s a good thing we’re not hunter-gatherers.”

“I’m 49 years old,” I replied, “if we were hunter-gatherers, I’d be a respected tribal elder and someone else would be doing this shit.”

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