Gone To Seed

Our garden is going like gangbusters this year – this warm, wet weather is doing it a world of good.

This was not the case last year, when our tomato and zucchini plants produced next to nothing, the peppers were few and far between, the celery we’d planted resembled weeds more than anything – even my herbs were anemic.  I’d planted some leeks, but the ones I harvested were so sad I referred to them as “dribbles.”  So I left the last two in the garden.

This year they are damn near as tall as me, and are now going to seed.  I’m going to let them, because I want to see what happens.  They’re quite interesting looking.

Leek Puff
Leek Puff Closeup
Leek Puff Macro

10 thoughts on “Gone To Seed”

  1. seeds= baby leeks. LOL perhaps an epidemic of them like my cilantro i let go to seed. It “naturalized” a planting bed and by that I mean took over!
    This year my parsley came back but it went right to seed. Same bed- Looks like the parsley and cilantro will rule there.

  2. We plant a lot of allium out here in gardens, which is from that same family, I believe. Smells like hell when you step on it. But your leek puffs are very pretty. Next up, broccoli?:)

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