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Groundhog Day

GroundhogYes, here it is, practically 2 p.m. and it just dawned on me that it’s Groundhog Day.

The little bastard is out there just staring at his shadow…you know he is.

When I pointed this out to a coworker, he said, “Oh, I think we’d be in for 6 more weeks of winter no matter what.”

Oh yeah?  Well, you’d think between the freakin’ rodent and global warming, I could get some satisfaction, somewhere.  But, nooooooooo – I get to spend at least the next six weeks freezing my tookus off, while my sinuses slowly dry up and my skin gradually flakes off.  By the time spring finally does get here, I’ll look like a biology text plate – all muscles and organs, no skin.

With bad sinuses.

*grumble, grumle*Damn groundhog*grumble, grumble*

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