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Happiness Is a Warm Puppy


Be says:

He is THE eternal optimist too. He ALWAYS thinks we are gonna give him human food.

Jan says:

He usually gets it, too. 😛

Irish Gumbo says:

With those things, I think we all could be so happy 🙂

Lori says:

So sweet! Of course he’s happy, look at his family…the picture of him and your son is just priceless. Love it! XX

Jan says:

I love to take pictures of the two of them together, but they rarely sit still long enough for me to get a shot!

Jane Gaston says:

Oh my gosh! He is just adorable!! There’s nothing like having a new puppy, watching him or her discover his surroundings as he offers unconditional love. These photos are a huge AHHHHHHH!

Jan says:

Actually, Scooter is an old puppy – he is 8 years old. But the unconditional love is there – he is always happy to see us, and would lay down his little dachshund life for us if it were necessary.

He’s extremely spoiled because of this.

Di says:

That’s the best thing about dogs… they ask nothing of us other than to be fed and loved and having a good fuzzy toy to shake.


Jan says:

Yup. And he gets it…especially the food. 😛

I have such a soft spot for dogs. I like the shots in black and white! : )

Jan says:

I have a soft spot for dogs, too, especially this one. He’s my little love.

Mama Badger says:

What big brown eyes and soft looking ears. That head just begs to be pet. That’s a handsome duo in that last picture, too!

So, how do you resist just spending all your time sitting on the couch with him? I’d never leave.

Jan says:

Actually, we spend a great deal of time on the sofa together, especially on the weekends. (But I think that’s because Daddy doesn’t let him up on the recliner very often.)

Monica says:

So sweet! I can’t imagine life without my canine companions. Pure love.

Jan says:

I can’t imagine life without my little furbaby, either. Well, I can…I just don’t want to.

Susan says:

What a cutie, I really like the second shot. Great captured moment.

Jan says:

Those two are a couple of my favorite subjects. 🙂

Lisa says:

I kind of want a dog. Oh gosh. So much work. Yours is adorable.

Be says:

Yeah – a lot of work when they are puppies and now that he is aging (and settling down) his prescriptions cost more than the entire rest of the family.

Jan says:

This is true, but you neglect to mention that none of the rest of us are on prescriptions, and Scooter’s costs about $7 a month.

Actually, he was a bit of work as a puppy, but once they get past that stage they aren’t much work at all. And this dog is absolutely adored – we couldn’t imagine life without him. Well, I guess we could…we just wouldn’t want to.

Jen Higgins says:

Aww, cute puppy!

Jan says:

Thanks! We think so, too.

Jan, he’s 16, I don’t think he qualifies as a puppy anymore. Happy birthday, Young One! (And the pictures are beautiful.)

Jan says:

Hey – he’ll ALWAYS be my baby, so why not my puppy? 😛

Michele says:

Both are adorable little puppies.

My puppies would have gutted that horsey in about 15 seconds. They hate an untouched squeaker.

Jan says:

For some reason, Scooter makes the little stuffed horseys last…we wont’ go into what he did to the stuffed caterpillar or stuffed beaver (although that one lost his ears and his tail in about 15 seconds flat).

so true- you can’t go wrong with a “happy” photo assignment if you take a picture of a dog 😉 An adorable dog at that!

Jan says:

Yup, the only time he’s not happy is at the vet’s office. LOL

alita says:

What an adorable puppy! SO very VERY cute… he would make me happy, too.

Jan says:

Thank you! He’s a real charmer, for sure.

Tara says:

these are such sweet pictures!! Great job!

Jan says:

Thank you!

Gretchen says:

Gorgeous. Made me happy too!

Jan says:

Those two fellows make me happy every darn day.

Ginger says:

Dogs. The next best thing to grandsons. And husbands, of course!

Jan says:

LOL – true! I’m sure you know as well as I do the only reason the happy picture isn’t of G Man is because he was in Cincinnati. 😉

Natalie says:

I love dogs! They seem to always spread happiness!! They make us happy too 😀

Jan says:

They do, indeed!

UrMomCooks says:

What an adorable baby! I love taking pics of my dogs too!

Jan says:

I love taking pictures of mine when he sits still long enough for me to get a shot of him! LOL

Ms. Pony says:

He has an adorable look on his face while holding that toy! I love the joy that puppies (of all ages) can inspire!

Jan says:

Thank you – he’s a pretty adorable little fellow, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Erin says:

oooh puppy puppy puppy…!

Oh my! These are just beautiful. Making me want a puppy! 🙂

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