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Happiness Is A Welcoming Doormat

This week’s Spin Cycle is “Happy Happy Joy Joy.”  Gretchen tells us, “Considering we tend to be a cynical bunch around here, this one might be tough. Or not.”

Well, alrighty, then.

So, as my contribution, I give you a Father’s Day gift that made me happy as the gifter, and Beloved very happy as the giftee:


Our new doormat.

What can I say?  Being cynical IS what makes some of us happy…

(Receiving influx of “unsubscribing” emails in five…four…three…two…)


Be says:

I’m still waiting for our daughter’s boyfriend to see this. He’s a local police officer.

AHAHAHAHA! I love it! And thanks for the great Father’s Day gift idea for me to give the hubby next year – he’s so hard to buy for, so at least I’ll have one thing planned/covered. 😉

Sean says:

Nice. I bet this mom wishes she’d had one of those.

Jan says:

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick. Doesn’t look like it would have done any good.

Tessa Ryan-Lipp says:

Fantastic! And Beloved, maybe the boyfriend will interpret warrant as “offer of marriage?” 🙂

Be says:

You may be right but if you are he will remember the welcome mat and wish he’d had a sanctioned court warrant first!

😉 Just kidding. He’s a nice guy and would make a good husband. More importantly, he might be able to tamed Be’s child!

Gretchen says:


You will be linked as soon as I get it together!

Deborah says:

I LOVE it! Can you share where you ordered it from?

Jan says:

You can get them off of Amazon, believe it or not. Just realize that the mat is just the center part; the patterned border is our old doormat. Beloved just laid the new one on top, but it looks nice, no?

Lisa says:

Ha! And a flurry of comments saying, “HA!”

Ginny Marie says:

Now that is a great Father’s Day gift!

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