Having a Gay Ol’ Time

I read a couple of posts recently that sort of just, well, resonated with me, I guess you could say.  First was Ms. Meta’s post about keeping the “fluff” on blogs to a minimum; tell a story, she instructs.  Hmmm – the fluff has been far too prevalent around here recently.  More stories…I can do that (I cannot vouch for how well they will be written, however).  So I will tell a story inspired by Twenty Four at Heart’s post about an Orange County attorney who is a self-professed “naturist” and is going to go to court to keep a local nude beach, well, nude.  She asked if anyone would hire such an attorney, and I replied yes, I would.  She then asked me if it wouldn’t make me giggle just a little when I saw him, and I said no.  Well, maybe I would, but if I giggle at the lawyer (whom I’d be more likely to slap because of his profession than giggle at his personal clothing prefernces), I’d have to giggle at people I care about.

I do enough of that already.

At any rate, it was 2003 when Beloved presented me with First Class tickets to Hawaii.  Once the screaming and jumping up and down began to taper off, we were faced with just where we were going to stay and for how long, since we were arriving on the Big Island and departing from Kauai.  The Big Island turned out to be a no-brainer – we stayed in a resort area south of Kona and used Beloved’s Marriott points.  Kauai turned out to be a little more problematic, since neither of us had been there before.  After a great deal of research, Beloved showed me a site he’d found for a gorgeous bed and breakfast.

The rooms were large, comfortable and tastefully decorated; the fact there were no phones or televisions was a huge bonus.  The grounds were immaculately kept and stunning.  Best of all, there was a rock-lined, salt-treated “lagoon” pool in a sumptuous setting; sitting next to it was a 8-person hot tub.  I was in love and told him immediately, “That’s the place.”  Beloved then pointed out something that I’d missed while I was busy drooling over the pictures – it was owned by a gay couple, and the majority of their clientele was gay.

Like either of us cared.  If we had any doubts about the place at all, it was that we didn’t want to make the other guests uncomfortable.  We called to see about availability, and the owner we spoke with was just a doll, so we made reservations.  And when we got there, we had a blast.  The owners were every bit as warm and friendly in person, the other guests were charming and fun, and we just fell in love.  But the thing that really sold Beloved on the place?  The pool – that gorgeous, warm, wonderful pool – was clothing optional.

We are not shy people.  While I was not comfortable shedding my suit, the fact that everyone else was unclothed didn’t bother me a bit (well, duh – I was surrounded by buff, naked men) and Beloved had absolutely no problem going au naturale, even surrounded by a gaggle of gay guys.  In fact, we got quite a few kudos from the other guests for being cool, not with their nakedness, but just with them.  We were okay with it, so much so that we’ve been back twice – the last time was when we married this year, and we’re proud to call the owners friends.

And we’ll go back, again and again, for as long as the place is there.  Here’s to you, Joe and Dean of the Mahina Kai.

P.S.  They’ve changed their site since then; it used to be kitschy, but effective and was part of the reason we decided to stay there.  I’m sorry to say the website sucks is not as nice now.

P.S.S.  We’re not anything close to “naturists.”  We aren’t even nudists.  We just like bein’ nekkid.

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  1. thank you for mentioning me. I love the title of this post. And we swim nekkid our pool. Briefcase and I. Not with the kids. I like being naked too – I think most people do. I just can’t do the PUBLIC nudity. That’s just me.

  2. Nekkid in my pool is great. Nekkid in someone elses pool…isn’t for me but I have no problem with anyone else doing it. I’ve raised my kids to not be shy and we all run around the house nekkid. Once I even flashed my son’s best friend accidentally. I hope I didn’t scar him too badly.
    Thanks for the post and I’m going to look that place up since HBL and I are trying to figure out a place to go in Hawaii.

    Midlife Slicess last blog post..Warning! This Stuff Is Dangerous

  3. 24@Heart, when readers link back to your site, it helps increase your ranking in search engines you know. 😉

    Midlife Slices, I bet he wasn’t scarred at all – I have this vision of you as a total MILF. 😀

    Tricia, it is marvelous. I can’t even begin to describe how marvelous it is. LOL

  4. SMB – I have your answer. It’s because (excepting the Scottish of course) we aren’t allow to wear skirts and let ‘er all hang loose – flappin in the breeze!

    I LOVE the Mahina Kai – it really is a paradise and we will return. To answer the unasked question, I will tell you what a “straight” male appreciates about it, and what I think that Jan missed in her post. It’s a comfortable and unassuming environment: we don’t judge and aren’t judged, people are free to be people, people assume you are decent – the cup is half full. You can come to the pool clothed or not – and I never understood the American asphyxia for prudishness – but that is not the point. We have been the only straight people there during our last 3 visits and I think (HOPE) we represent what every “different” (as if we aren’t) person wants: equal opportunity to be judged based on who they are not “what” they are. It’s the appeal of a B&B where you can quickly feel comfortable being yourself. First of all the setting is idealistic paradise, but more importantly we have met so many wonderful people and gotten to know them much more quickly than people do in “straight” America. The last two trips we have had the most wonderful New Years Parties that frankly are the best celebrations of life that I have personally attended. I adore Joe and his “crew” for what they have created – heaven on earth. (I am a bit reluctant to share my paradise with the world for fear that the world won’t get it and will ruin it). Mahalo, Joe Moore!

  5. LOL- Jan and midlife slices, I just learned what MILF stands for and I was struck by how many times I have seen that acronym online and wondered what it meant. LOL I have been (and still am in SO many ways) in the dark for so long….

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