Hendrick’s Martini

Our party went very well – everyone seems to have had a good time (no one has quit and everyone still seems to be speaking to us, anyway).  I took a few pictures because, well, our house won’t look quite that nice again until right before next year’s party.

Living Room

I like this picture for two reasons: it’s halfway decent – I don’t take very good pictures of rooms – and it’s the only time our fugly fireplace is pretty.  If we’d had to buy this house because we loved the fireplace, we’d be living somewhere else, trust me.


Our Amish-crafted bookcases.  We had someone clean the carpets before the party, who looked at the bookcases and said, “Boy, someone likes to read.”  I replied, “Not at all – I’m just allergic to moose heads.”  (Here’s your sign…)

Dining Room – Hutch
Dining Room – Curio

Look very carefully at the dining room.  Appreciate how nice it looks, because the other 364 days a year it is covered with my laptop, note pads, pens, pencils, The Young One’s homework and my photography stuff.  Oh, and ignore that I still have not picked out a color for above the chair rail.  Oh, well.

Hendrick’s Martini

This is a Hendrick’s Martini.  Lately it is the libation of choice if we’re going to drink a martini because A) it tastes really, really good and 2) it’s not exactly cheap so we don’t drink a lot.  Distilled in Scotland, Hendrick’s lacks the junipery sharpness of most gins and has a subtle undertone of cucumber.  Best served very dry, it is also quite tasty garnished with a sour gherkin.

Hendrick’s Martini

serves Beloved and makes him happy

3 ounces Hendrick’s Gin

several drops dry vermouth


Cucumber slice

Chill a martini glass in the freezer.  Place several ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.  Drizzle the vermouth sparingly into the shaker, just enough to coat the ice cubes.  Add the Hendricks to the ice and shake.  Strain into the chilled martini glass, garnish with the cucumber slice and serve.

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32 thoughts on “Hendrick’s Martini”

    1. It’s an accurate serving size! Of course, it could have said “serves Jan” or “serves our sales staff” and it still would have been accurate. 🙂

  1. Your home looks lovely and personally, I like the dining room above the chair rail color. The Christmas tree is hysterical! And I love a good martini, here’s lifting my glass to yours!

    1. Jane, the room started out in shades of mint. Then, gradually, it morphed into gold and olive tones. I chose the new colors for the wall and decided I loved the olive green below the chair rail but didn’t like whatever color I’d chosen for above. I just haven’t gotten around to picking out a new color – I’m thinking a pale gold?

  2. I’m sure that you got a good picture of your living room because of the beacon of a tree you have in there. No one at the party was blinded? That’s a good thing. Otherwise, there might have been some worker’s comp involved. I am so trying that martini.

    1. Our employees would never sue for workman’s comp – their contracts of indentured servitude won’t allow it. 😛

  3. You didn’t need to dust at all. The tree glare probably didn’t allow people to see any dirt.

    That drink looks lovely. Quiet lovely. If I didn’t have to drive home I would love that right now.

    1. Well, you know if you love it right now, your co-workers would want in on it and before you knew it no one would be getting any work done. Is that necessarily a bad thing, though?

  4. I’m afraid that several of US drank more than our share of Hendricks that night. But if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing! I even got a gift from a VERY smart employee of another bottle of it. The funny thing is that we caught him in the liquor store buying it during his lunch hour last week. A bunch of damn lushes are we!

    1. Actually, the whole liquor store thing was kind of funny – we ran into each other during our lunch hour and everyone was all, “What are you doing here?” “Who, me? Um…Nothing…”

  5. Your home looks lovely to me…my husband would love your TV…some day I keep telling him…lol…I could go for your fireplace right now…t is so flippin cold here as it is else where in this country…glad the party went well…I am sure the food and drinks were fantabulous…happy Monday! XX

    1. Our TV is several years old and we could probably justify upgrading to a large flatscreen, but the way the living room is set up that corner is the only place we could reasonably put it. It’s hard to fit a flatscreen in a corner. And besides – where would I put my Santas at Christmas?

  6. Hee hee you said gherkin.

    I loved martinis so much back in the day my son created a puppet out of an airplane barf bag named Martini on a flight from Las Vegas to Seattle. True story. Your house is beautiful.

  7. I’m glad to see those Amish bookcases (which it seems to me we voted for…) in situ. I loved the pr-eparty peace of all those photos… And I can imagine the post party chaos.

    I’m sure you all had a great time.

    1. You did, indeed, vote on the bookshelves – it was either than or an Egg smoker. We’re glad we got the shelves. 🙂

      The post party chaos wasn’t as bad as we anticipated. Of course, the dog and teenager have once again taken over the living room, but it still isn’t bad.

  8. Lovely! I like books, I think its nice. And the tree is great touch!

    I haven’t tried Hendrick’s in a martini yet, now I suppose I will. That sounds excellent. I can say from direct experience, that Hendrick’s also makes a terrific gin and tonic. Perfect for warmer weather!

    1. I’ll admit it – I love girly, chocolate-y, frou-frou girlie martinis. However, my body doesn’t care much for the sugar in those drinks. Hendrick’s gin makes a fabulous traditional gin martini; it makes my shrinking alcohol choices (gin martinis, single malt scotch and red wine) bearable.

    2. WHAT??? You would corrupt Hendricks with Tonic??? That’s just wrong!

      Actually, it is probably really good with tonic – that is how I learned to love gin. But when you come over to our house I will make sure you stay pure! Tomorrow for happy hour?

    1. The house needed a lot of work when we bought it – there was a bamboo chandelier in the dining room. I kid you not. As for the shelves – beautifully crafted Amish furniture is one of the benefits of living where we do; we got the wine hutch and curio from the same people.

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