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Holiday Par-TAY 2010

No Fight Back Friday post, I’m afraid – we are having our annual employee holiday party tomorrow, which we host in our home.  So Beloved and I are working from home today (not a bad idea, as it is snowing quite hard outside) between cleaning the house and preparing food.

There was no struggle to decide what to serve this year; Beloved made an executive decision that besides the apple pie I bake for the party each year (one of our co-workers is a huge apple pie fan and I will send whatever is left home with him), rolls to make sandwiches and one of those huge tins that contains three types of popcorn, everything will be more or less on our diet, although I will be generous with the Splenda in a couple of dishes (cocktail meatballs and a sugar-free cheesecake).  I debated on whether or not to buy crackers for the spreads I’ll be serving – pimento cheese and the strawberry cheese ring (using sugar free strawberry preserves) – but decided to use sliced raw vegetables instead.

Anyhoo, this is what I’m serving:

  • Mixed Nuts
  • Spiced Nuts
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Meat and cheese platters with rolls and condiments for anyone who wants a sandwich
  • Crudité
  • Vegetable dip
  • Pimento Cheese
  • Strawberry cheese ring
  • Cocktail meatballs
  • Bacon-stuffed cherry tomatoes
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Apple Pie
  • Sugar-free Bavarian Apple Cheesecake

Not a bad little spread…but I better get on the ball, to say nothing of the bathrooms – why do we only look at our house when we’re having company?  Sometimes I think the only reason we have parties is so the house gets a truly good cleaning.

Have a lovely Friday, y’all, and an even better weekend.


BE says:

You forgot the most important indulgences: Chocolate Martini’s, Grasshoppers & Hendricks with Cucumber Martinis, wine and beer. If we do that part right no one will care if the bathroom is clean or not.

Jan says:

Hmmm – or if the dog is licking them…

Pseudo says:

I hope you post photos of the yummies Jan. Happy happy holiday partay!

Jan says:

I never thought of that – but it’s a good idea. Pics of the yummies will be forthcoming.

Michele says:

That’s the only time my house is truly clean. And, when I say clean I mean mostly stuff shoved in dark inaccessible corners. It is nice to know that someone else does the same thing or close enough.

Jan says:

Yah…I mean, we clean – the dishes get washed, the laundry gets done, the carpets are vacuumed; we even sweep and mop the tile from time to time. But a party makes you go through the house and say “OMIGODHOWLONGHASITBEENSINCEWEDUSTEDTHAT???” Shoving things into dark, inaccessible corners is how I normally clean. 🙂

I hope it goes well. I’m sure it well – enjoy! I have two parties tomorrow. I wonder if it’s rude to show up with a big ass camera? : )

Jan says:

Heck no! In fact, if you ever get to attend one of ours, it will be a REQUIREMENT.

Monica says:

YUM, it all sounds wonderful! I’d like to try one of those chocolate martini’s!!! Hope it all turns out great and you all have much fun!!!

Jan says:

The company Christmas party is always fun. And I’ll have a martini in your honor. 😉

Mama Badger says:

Will Beloved be posting his recipes, as well? Because a cucumber martini? Sounds interesting.

Jan says:

The chocolate martini recipe is on my blog somewhere (look under “beverages”), but I’ll have him give me the recipe for the Hendricks martini – if you like gin, you’ll love it.

I figure if people are drinking Be’s drinks anyway, the dog licking them will be a Christmas bonus. 🙂

Jan says:

Okay, this made me literally Laugh Out Loud.

Does that mean we can take the gift cards back?

Michele says:

The dog licking can be considered a party favor.

YUM!! What time’s the party? I can probably be there in oh, say, about 10 or 12 hours I think…maybe less, though I think you sent some snow our way as we’re getting blanketed as we speak! 🙂 I’ll bring wine! 😉

Jan says:

6 o’clock tomorrow! I’ve got the wine glasses all nice and polished for ya. 😉

rubbish says:

Bacon stuffed cherry tomatos? You’ve got to put a photo of those little bad boys up and a recipe as well.

Jan says:

Rubbish – I’ve already posted the recipe. You can see it by clicking the words “Bacon stuffed cherry tomatoes” in the list. 🙂

Erin says:

Hope it went well!!

Lisa says:

Hello you food blogger you:). Next year come to this conference I’m at! They need you. You would like them. Bye. I’m tired.

goodfather says:

Well, you know how I feel about your Apple Pie recipe. I’m also a sucker for shrimp cocktail, and cocktail meatballs…? Yum! Hope your party was a smash!

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