5 thoughts on “The Holiday Season Is Officially Here”

  1. Yes, it’s here, and to start the season I went shopping. NO, not to the malls or big-box stores but to a local craft fair where I got some handcrafted pottery, two beautiful pieces made from wood, some line-caught and locally canned tuna and some marionberry vinegar (yes, I’m in the Pacific NW). It was a great way to spend the day.

  2. One of the things the US does (accidentally) well is Thanksgiving — giving Christmas at bay at least until the leftovers are stowed in the fridge. BTW I learned recently (on BBC radio 4, natch), why Thanksgiving is the 4th Thursday in Nove,ber, and not the last. Apparently Roosevelt made the change during the depression following pleadings from merchants nationwide. It was unseemly to do Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving, and in years when November had 5 Thursdays already struggling shopkeepers were badly hurt by losing the extra week Christmas cheer.

    In the UK we have nothing to keep Christmas commercialism in check. Though I know they are hurting, I hate to see all that Christmas stuff in October.

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