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We’re having a lovely time here at the Sushi Bar, being serenaded by Darling Daughter while she plays the ukulele – frankly, I’d never realized what a lovely instrument it is.  (Does this count as my Spin, Gretchen?)   We’re also busy planning what we’re taking with us to Hocking Hills next week, food-wise – in the past, I’ve found myself chained to the kitchen, short ordering for everyone.  Something I’m desperately trying to avoid this trip.

But, as you also know, I don’t do “convenience” foods and the difficulties in planning on keeping things simple are compounded because Oldest Son does not tolerate eggs well.  This makes breakfast and snacks a bit problematic, because I want to make sure everyone has plenty to eat (I just seem to be hardwired that way).  Lunches can also be iffy, but I’ve found something that is going to help with that immensely.

Hot dogs.

Yeah, you read that right; Applegate Farms has come to my rescue with The Great Organic Beef Hot Dog – hot dogs made from 100% grass-fed beef with no fillers.  They are gluten free, casein free, dairy free and contain 0 grams carbohydrate.  And they taste like, well, HOT DOGS – seriously.  Which means I’m a bit lukewarm about them (I’m only enthusiastic about hot dogs when they’re dipped in cornbread batter, deep fried and slathered in yellow mustard), but The Young One adores them with a deep and abiding passion usually reserved for a new Legend Of Zelda game.

Which makes them a winner in my book.

They’re not exactly cheap – a package of 8 is about $8 at the store where we buy them, but they’ve been a lifesaver as something quick and easy to feed the boy right before or right after work (he’s washing dishes and bussing tables at a little bistro down the street) when he’s ravenous and pressed for time, and they’re going to go a long way to helping me keep things simple – but still reasonably healthy – next week as we descend en masse on one of Ohio’s prettier tourist spots.


Applegate Farms Great Organic Beef Hot Dog – Sushi Bar and Young One Approved.

Have you found a great “convenience food” that works well in your Real Food diet?  And does anyone have any breakfast/snack suggestions that don’t include eggs?

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  1. Can’t help you with the lunch plans but I have to say, Yay DD! for introducing you’re mom to the loveliness that is the Uke.

  2. Those sound pretty awesome – we have our standby of Wellshire Farms Skinless Cheddar Cheese Hot Dogs. We have some very discriminating young (2 & 4) paletes we need to keep happy, and the above fits the bill. I know my local store carries Applegate products, so I’ll keep an eye out for what you’ve mentioned.

    We’ve found grass-fed beef snack sticks with very few (if any?) questionable ingredients, like little sausages or slim-jims, occasionally at our Whole Foods. They’re pretty good, and a 3-pack is somewhere between 240-300 calories or so. Can’t recall the brand because they’ve recently either switched which one they carry, or the brand has just updated their packaging.

  3. Hot dog indeed!

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I am prone to eat sliced turkey wrapped around things for snacks, i.e. around some cheese, or a pickle.

  4. Have you looked in Target? I got that exact product on a great sale 3 months ago for under 5.00. We loved them but haven’t seen them since. They’re ALWAYS sold out.

  5. I love your blog! Lately on days I don’t want eggs for breakfast I’ve been falling back on two different options. The first is mixed berries with full fat coconut milk & sliced berries and a side of chicken sausage. The other is applesauce, almond butter, and coconut milk warmed on the stove and served with a side of chicken sausage. Both are surprisingly filling and very easy to prepare.

  6. I pack my lunch most days, so I might have a few ideas. A lot of the things I bring require little to not preparation, but to some people it might seem like more a collection of snacks than a lunch. Some things I bring include nuts, olives, sliced bell pepper, celery with almond butter…I also will take “clean” lunch meat (I usually use Applegate Farms) and I will wrap slices of turkey or roast beef around avocado as kind of a “main” dish. I also sometimes take wild canned fish, add some mashed avocado, and wrap it all in a Pure Wrap ( Tuna salad (canned wild tuna, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and chopped celery) is good, too.

    For breakfast foods, I mostly do eggs. One thing I do as a treat is make a “granola” type thing. I take slivered almonds, crushed walnuts and unsweetened coconut flakes and mix it with some cocoa powder, cinnamon, and melted honey and coconut oil. Then, I bake it in the oven until it’s as toasted as I like it. This is a little sugary (depending on how much honey you add) and potentially high in omega-6s depending on what you put in it, but it is good. It’s good over yogurt for those who can tolerate it, or maybe with coconut milk (?) for those who don’t? I usually have some sausage on the side.

    1. Also, I forgot – there are products like the Steve’s Original ( and similar companies that make totally primal snacks, but I don’t generally buy them because of cost..they do seem convenient, though.

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