How To Torment Your Child On Facebook

With the exception of Oldest Son and Darling Daughter, all of our kids have a Facebook page.  There is a probably a very good reason reason the two oldest don’t have a Facebook page – namely, Beloved and I do.

Jolly, Miss Jacki and The Young One are all our “friends,” a state of affairs that may very well change after last night, when Beloved and I decided to comment on Miss Jacki’s status.

Which was:

Miss Jacki: Wtf  4 hours ago

Me: OMG  16 minutes ago

Be: BTW is it TLA Day?  14 minutes ago

Me: LOL  14 minutes ago

Be: WALSTIB   13 minutes ago

Me: AFU  13 minutes ago

Be: FUBAR  12 minutes ago

Me: WYSIWYG   10 minutes ago

Be: TMI  9 minutes ago

Me: SWAK  9 minutes ago

Be: SSDD  9 minutes ago

Me: STFU  8 minutes ago

Be: ASL?  6 minutes ago

Me: FTW!  6 minutes ago

Be: BRB  5 minutes ago

Me: PIA  5 minutes ago

Be: GTR  5 minutes ago

Me: MIA  5 minutes ago

Be: POW  4 minutes ago

Me: WWJD?  4 minutes ago

Be: FOAD  3 minutes ago

Me: TTFN  3 minutes ago

Be: L8R  15 seconds ago

Okay, yes – so we may have gotten carried away.

Have a lovely weekend, y’all.

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  1. If I didn’t have a FB page, I’d never know what my kids were doing! My step daughter spends all of her free time (you know, when she isn’t being FORCED to leave the house with us to do something normal, like go to the beach) simultaneously texting, and checking Myspace and FB.
    And I’m with Jen….friend me too!!
    .-= Ginger´s last blog ..Starting Off With A Girl’s Day =-.

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