I Am Obviously Raising the Next Chekhov

checkhovEnglish Documentary

by The Young One

A study of the language.  The study branches into multiple topics.  Such topics can include grammar, which basically, to my feeble 13-year-old mind, applies to everything.  Spelling, using letters in a word correctly.  And studying the types of words, such as nouns and verbs.  Also, the study also applies heavily to writing.

How to write:

  1. Get a piece of paper.
  2. Get a pencil.
  3. Make the pencil tip touch the paper.  No, not the eraser, you dope!  Yes, the lead!  The little gray thingy!
  4. Make strokes that form a letter.  Not in the YMCA pool – the paper!
  5. Congrats.  You wrote something.

You usually learn in English class how to write all sorts of things, like letters, essays, and documents such as this!  Now, before I expire from boredom in the middle of my rather boring Academic Assist class, I shall stop here and do something else, like stare at the repeating Power Point slideshow on the television screen.

Good bye.


**No eighth graders were harmed in the writing of this essay, although a Mom let out a hearty guffaw and an English teacher suggested it for publication in the school’s literary magazine.  It might be suggested that the author learn the difference between a “document” and a “documentary” but hey – we’ll take what we can get.

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