New and Improved!

I want to thank everyone who has expressed concern over my post from yesterday; you’re all so kind.  It turns out the bad news isn’t as bad as we feared; now we’re just waiting for the results of the not-so-bad news.  I’ll let you know.

Anyhoo, you might have noticed a few changes around here; I haven’t said anything about them before because I was waiting for something else to be completed.  It’s finally finished, so now I can tell you a little bit about the changes that have been going on here at the Sushi Bar.

You’ve probably noticed that ads are back.  When I changed the format of the site, I found that my old sponsor had sold us all to another company and was told I’d have to sign up with them if I wanted my current ads to continue.  I am not at ALL impressed with this new company, and decided that I’d wait until I found another sponsor before I ran ads again.  I finally decided on Google Ads, and I’m glad I did.

I never wanted to run ads here (in fact, I believe I once foolishly promised I wouldn’t), but I need to do something to help defer the cost of hosting and the time I spend working on maintaining the site.  I like Google Ads if for no other reason than I can control what ads are shown here – if I see an ad on my site that I feel doesn’t belong here, I can tell Google to pull it.  (Trust me, I already have.)  If YOU see an ad here you feel is inappropriate for this site (i.e. an advertisement not in keeping with the tenor of my content), please make note of the sponsor and/or URL, and let me know.  If I agree that it has no place here, I’ll pull it.

On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see a tab that says “Follow Me” with a cute little oven mitt.  If you click on that tab, a dialogue box appears giving you an opportunity to subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.  It’s a handy little gadget.

You’ll also find several options to “pin” the recipes posted here, as well as like them on Facebook, share them on Google+ or tweet them (available at the bottom of each post).  My favorite is the “Pin It” button that appears when you mouse over one of the recipe photos.

Last, but certainly not least, is the “Recipe Box” option on the main menu.  I’ve teamed up with Ziplist to provide my readers with an easy way to save the recipes they find here to an online recipe box for easy reference.  Not only that, it has a function that will assist in meal planning, based on the recipes you’ve saved to your recipe box, and will list the ingredients required for each recipe and allow you to build a shopping list for those you need to buy.  Once you’ve signed up for a free Ziplist account, it also provides you with a list of grocery store specials in your area to make the shopping even easier.  Best of all, you can use it to save any recipe you find on the internet, not just mine.

I couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with Ziplist and provide my readers with what is a really useful tool.  I hope you’ll sign up for a free account and make use of this great resource.

9 thoughts on “New and Improved!”

  1. Ziplist did a nice job of branding it for you. But I doubt I will use it much – you ae my Recipe Box!

    And so far, most of the ads are reasonably appropriate.

    1. In my defense, I have two X chromosomes, so I can’t help it.

      That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  2. I LOVE the recipe box! Now I won’t have to go nuts every time I want to make the Brussels sprouts!

    I’m still worried about you. That’s the problem about being vague. I will imagine the most horrible scenarios!

  3. I’m definitely going to check out Ziplist – especially since I’ll be saving your recipes like a maniac. 😉 Plus I like the idea of meal planning, something I don’t do but should (you know, aside from planning ahead when grocery shopping, but pretty much flying by the seat of my pants when I decide to make stuff that ‘sounds’ good in the moment). 🙂

    And I’m glad the ‘bad’ news isn’t as bad as you anticipated, and hopefully it’s even less ‘bad’ than that. 😉

    Do you actually make money to help defer costs with Google Ads? I’ve been thinking I need to add *something* for that very reason, too. 🙂

    And totally completely off-topic, I still need your physical mailing address, pretty please. 🙂

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