Live Real. Eat Real.

It’s a Fish Eat Fish World

Fish TankI’m so glad I bought the fish tank for Beloved’s birthday.  The fish are soothing to watch; I often sit on the sofa and just…stare at them.  It’s said that watching fish will lower your blood pressure, and I believe it.  I’m also learning a lot about them – Beloved knows a lot about fish tanks, since he’s had fish as pets before.

Me?  I’m lucky my kids are all still alive.  Thank gawd I don’t have to worry about their PH balance.

I’ve learned a lot about what kind of fish coexist well, and which kind of fish simply exist in our tank.  Right now, only two of the fish are from our initial purchase.  So. obviously Danios work well and Gourami don’t.  And hatchet fish don’t do well with “vacation feeder” disks that sink to the bottom of the tank. Ahem.

As of this writing we have 6 Danios – one gold lyretail, one zebra, and four DayGlo – one green catfish, one salt-and-pepper catfish, one albino rainbow shark, one absolutely lovely gold angel fish and one clown loach in a 30-gallon tank.  They all seem to coexist quite well and are a beautiful addition to our living room.

Until this last week we also had a Bala Shark in the tank.  He’s no longer a part of our little aquatic community, and frankly I’m not surprised – he wasn’t doing real well when we left for our vacation to southern Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  So I wasn’t surprised that he was no more when we got home on Saturday.  I just didn’t expect him to be so completely…gone.

No, really – he’s gone.  From the tank.  Nowhere in sight.

The little “vacation feeder” disk we dropped in the bottom of the tank when we left?  Wasn’t touched.

I apparently have a tankful of cannibal fish.


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