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Just Some Friday Randomness

Random Drops of WaterBecause I got nothin’ else.

I woke up this morning with my right hand swollen as all get out, unable to move my thumb at all.  My arthritis strikes again!  And leaves me wondering what the hell I did in the middle of the night to bring this on.  I’ve spent all morning wrapping, unwrapping and re-wrapping my hand in an Ace bandage – the bandage helps with the pain (somewhat), but I can’t type with the damn thing on and it makes my fingers fall asleep after awhile.  This is NO fun and I wonder how my girl Twenty Four at Heart manages with her entire right arm being out of commission.

Of course, there’s an upside to everything:  it’s keeping me from compulsively playing with this promotional Rubik’s Cube keychain one of our business partners gave everyone in the company.  (It has a small “made in China” sticker on it in the corner…I guess I won’t be chewing on it, either.)

Speaking of the middle of the night, I had this bizarre dream where someone was trying to give me a large, marquis-shaped, violet-tinged diamond to replace the one in my wedding set.  It was gorgeous.

Beloved, dear, I think my subconcious is talking to you.

Alert the media – I have no idea what I’m making for dinner tonight.  Just that it will include squash.  And maybe carrots and celery.  And rice.  Chicken?  Water chestnuts? Ginger?  Oh, and onions (sorry about that, Tricia!).

Okay, I’m dragging out the wok and making a stir fry.  I’m glad that’s settled.

My search terms have been mildly interesting this month – as usual, I get a lot of visits from people looking for recipes, but over 120 hits for “scalloped potatoes” alone?  Damn, I never knew the dish was that popular.  And “banana bread” wasn’t far behind it.  (I also got a lovely lecture from someone about my White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream recipe, informing me that white chocolate is not real chocolate.  Hey, I didn’t name the stuff – I just use it to make cake frosting.)

Hmmm – I have a surplus of baby carrots (they were on sale last weekend), and some raisins.  And if I’m not mistaken, some Nestle’s White Morsels.  All I need is some pineapple…oh, I bet we’ll be eatin’ carrot cake before the weekend is up.  (Note:  if you ever decide to make the carrot cake, use the white chocolate cream cheese buttercream to frost it; it’s much better than the icing included with the actual carrot cake recipe.)

Where was I?  Oh, yes – search terms.  My favorite one this month has got to be this:

“Is there a disorder that makes you creampie a lot?”

I have no idea what that means, but it cracks me up every time I see it.

One last thing, you bunch of crazies dear readers – yesterday’s post on barbecue got Beloved searching the interwebz frantically for a new smoker/grill.  He’s decided on The Big Green Egg.

The thing ain’t cheap.

Which is not to say we can’t afford one, because we can, but I’ll have to pay for it with the money I’ve been saving for the solid oak, Amish-made bookshelves he’s been lusting after for the living room.   I’ve told him this, and he’s now waffling back and forth.  (He stares at our cheap and not necessarily matching present bookshelves and goes, “Hmmmmm” and then turns around and tells me that since The Egg is green, it will match the outside of the house.)

I believe he needs some help deciding, so I’m taking a poll:

Solid oak, Amish-made bookshelves that will look absolutely fab with our vaulted, cedar ceiling, or a 200 lb. ceramic smoker/grill that will hold a 20 lb. turkey?  Oh, and that matches the outside of the house?

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