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What I Learned on Whole30

Yesterday was the last day of the January Whole30…which, in my case, really added up to about Whole22 all told, and Whole10 in a row.

Okay, so I’m weak. But hey – it’s better than Whole3, which is what I accomplished the first time I tried.  But I did accomplish enough to learn a few things about my eating patterns and my health, which is one of the more important points of doing a Whole30 in the first place.

First, I learned that I can turn into a Grade A Bitch if I get sick while attempting a Whole30, for which I apologize.

I learned that at least attempting a Whole30, and sticking with it for the majority of the month, is a good way to lose the 3 pounds you gained over the holidays, when you ate far too many “paleo” treats like dairy-free egg nog, almond flour banana bread and chevre cheesecake topped with a butter-free (and delicious) lemon curd.

I learned that we eat pretty “cleanly” most days (Beloved pointed this out).  We didn’t have to change or give up much in order to do this, but cooking with alcohol and my tendency to make “conventional” dishes “paleo” (i.e. cottage pie and butternut squash pancakes) is what did us in, even if we don’t consume those all that often.

I learned that while it’s not hard to drink my coffee without stevia, it’s not something I’ll ever enjoy.

Having said that, I also learned to appreciate sweet things, since I (mostly) cut them out for a month.  Now all I need is a drop or two of stevia in my coffee – just enough to cut the bitterness of the beverage, but not enough to actually sweeten it.  And while I still prefer my pastured, cold-smoked ham steaks glazed with a little maple syrup, it is now really a “little” syrup.

I’ve learned that I’m really better off without any kind of dairy in my diet, and that it’s okay for me to miss the little bit of cheese and butter I did eat (and mourn the fact I will probably never be able to enjoy even a gluten-free lasagna ever again).

And while I’ve learned that I, personally, am better off without dairy, I also learned that it is entirely possible to make a 3-course fondue meal, if not Whole30, then at least primal.  And that teenage boys will eat it.

I learned that I’m sensitive to sulfites – they are very likely responsible for my mild and occasional asthma-like symptoms.  So, when it’s red wine, it’s now red wine with no added sulfites.

I learned that I have bad reactions to FD&C Yellow No. 5 (you don’t even want to know how I discovered that).

Finally, I learned, after looking at the gorgeous Whole30 menu photos over at Nom Nom Paleo every day, that I absolutely lust for a SousVide Supreme.

And now, back to our regularly schedule blog posts.  I may give this another whirl in June.

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