3 thoughts on “Let It Snow…”

  1. But this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! If we must live where it is cold, I’d MUCH rather see LOTS of snow. It is beautiful! It’s crisp and a hell of a lot sexier that the dead brown look of Texas in the winter!

    I like the snow!

    Besides, the snowmen dotting the roadside on our daily 2 mile commute are SO cute!

  2. If you were back home you would be in full sun and 72 degrees today instead of trying tunnel your way from the house to the car. The real answer is to get someone to move in next door that owns an excavating company and has back hoe with a blade to clear your drive.

    Easter and the last of the snow is only a little more than a month away.

    What you have experienced this winter is a prime example of global warming.

  3. It is beautiful, but I have to admit, I only want to be able to view it in pictures! I would hate to have to live with it. Give me a Texas Winter any day!

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