The G Man – An Update

Yes, yes, I’m still here.  Just incredibly busy; it’s summer at the Sushi Bar which means lots of fresh produce from the garden which needs to be eaten or cooked or preserved – as of today, we’ve had zucchini and summer squash approximately 27 times in the last week.  Which is quite a feat, considering we were in Cincinnati last Wednesday and Thursday to visit this guy:

The G Man at Benihana

Remember that little guy with the dimples and the big blue eyes?  He is now a month away from his 8th birthday – EIGHTH! BIRTHDAY! – and attempting to stab Meema’s out eyes using a set of chopsticks with corn kernels stuck on the tips.

Oh, I kid.

He was just trying to shove them up my nose – Benihana seems to have that affect on 8-year-old boys.*

Anyhoo, we were thrilled to see him; two years ago he moved to Michigan with his Mom, then last year they moved back to Texas.  We’ve been down there several times to see him (among other people), but it has been about six months since the last time, so we were anxious to visit while he was in Ohio for summer vacation with his dad.

In the fall he’ll be starting the 3rd grade – THIRD! GRADE! – where he is in the Talented and Gifted program in math and science, and little girls precede him everywhere, throwing rose petals in his path.

Well, they OUGHT to.

Stick around and in a few days I’ll introduce you to yet another heart breaker.

*(Actually, he loves his Meema because she is one of the few people over the age of 10 who can, and willingly does, intelligently discuss the merits of his video game du jour.  And she does a mean cannonball into the hotel swimming pool.  Not to toot my own horn or anything.)

3 thoughts on “The G Man – An Update”

  1. OMG!! (almost) 8 years old already?! GAH! Time is flying by way too fast, and he’s growing way too fast. Tell him to knock it off, please. 😉 Man, he is going to be a heart-breaker when he gets older (or now, but who’s counting?) I love that you’re able to talk intelligently about his game du jour – when you can follow along and speak their gaming language, you’ll always be “hip with the kids” as Princess Nagger always says. 😉

    1. I know – he’s so grown up! And you wouldn’t believe how tall he is! He’s already up to my shoulder; people always think he’s older than he is because of that. Well, and how well he speaks – he’s just so stinkin’ smart!

  2. It was really nice to see him. We only had two days, but it was nice that we went to see him – got a hotel room, took him to dinner, took him somewhere to play: EnterTRAINment Station couldn’t have been a better choice for his age. It was better than having him at the house because we had no distractions. We got to focus our time and attention on Garrett. It was nice.

    Stacy, Jan has always been on top of video games; otherwise the boys would never talk to us. 😉

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