Meet The Amazing Triple B

Hmm, yes, well, I know I promised a blog post, er, 4 months ago, but ummm…life and all that.

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy since August 26, 2015 is this guy:

Meet the always Too Cool For School Triple B, the red-haired offspring of Darling Daughter.


27 months later and we’re still freaked out (and I’m not entirely sure why, since his father is of Scandinavian descent with many red-haired relatives).  At any rate, especially when taking his blonde, blue-eyed cousin into consideration, this brown-eyed, brunette family spends a lot of time sitting around going, “Wow – wasn’t expecting that one.”

Seriously – his mother is half Hispanic; we were totally expecting a dark-complected, black-haired Lothario.  That’s okay, though, because both Darling Daughter and I are delighted with our little Ginger Dude, who is the strong, silent type – and who can, consequently, throw a ball farther and with better accuracy than his poor old Meema.

To say nothing of out-running her.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d pop in and give you the long-promised introduction to the World’s Most Adorable Two-Year-Old.  And if you think I’m just too proud, you should hear his Uncle Oldest Son carry on about him.

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