8 thoughts on “Meet Pete”

    1. We name ALL of our food! We’re getting what looks to be an entire cow in a month or so, and were going to name it “Bob” until we realized it will probably be a heifer. So now she’ll be called “Patty.”

      Hey, WE thought it was amusing.

  1. We had a “goat chops cook-off” the other day. We’d been getting our goat chops from one farmer, but found another farmer closer to home that had goat for about half the price. We decided the first farmer’s chops were better (more tender and a better flavor) but they aren’t twice as good as the second farmer’s chops (larger and cut thinner, and not quite as nice of a flavor). We enjoy the goat meat so much we’ll probably keep getting it instead of lamb, which is often too strong tasting for me.
    Jan, please post some of your goat recipes. So far we’ve mostly grilled chops but I’d love to have some ideas for other goat dishes. Since we buy the goat meat by the piece it doesn’t have a name (that we know of), but our beef from the last few years have been from steers named Toro, Snapper, and Briggs and Stratton.

  2. I have to say, I’ve never seen ground goat before! I’ve had it roasted and barbecued, but never a goat burger! Can’t wait to hear what you did with him!

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