Live Real. Eat Real.

Men are from Meh; Women are from WTF!?!?!?!

The text of two instant message conversations, about the same subject – the first with Oldest Son, the second with Darling Daughter.  Both express surprise, excitement and some measure of disgust.

Both are a great example of the differences between men and women.

Me: Did you know that [Name Redacted] has a little girl now?

Oldest Son: No, I didn’t.

Me:  Know what they named her?

Me: Bella.

Oldest Son: …

Oldest Son: I don’t know how to respond to that. Please tell me it was more thought out than “lololol my wife lurvs teh Twilight.”


Me: Hey – did you know [Name Redacted] has a baby girl now?

Darling Daughter: He does?!!?

Darling Daughter: Oh, thats exciting!

Me: yup, born sometime last year.  And you will never guess what they named her.

Darling Daughter: What?

Me: You’re gonna hurl…

Darling Daughter: Bella!?!




Darling Daughter: In the next couple of years there are going to be 2 billion baby Bellas

Darling Daughter: That’s so disturbing!

Me: ROFL – yes it is

Darling Daughter: I’m gonna name my baby “Illiterate”

Darling Daughter: We’ll call her “Illi!”

At which point I became incapable of speech, I was laughing so hard.


I raised both of these people.  Sort of makes you think about the whole “nature” versus “nurture” thing, doesn’t it?

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