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Men are from Meh; Women are from WTF!?!?!?!

The text of two instant message conversations, about the same subject – the first with Oldest Son, the second with Darling Daughter.  Both express surprise, excitement and some measure of disgust.

Both are a great example of the differences between men and women.

Me: Did you know that [Name Redacted] has a little girl now?

Oldest Son: No, I didn’t.

Me:  Know what they named her?

Me: Bella.

Oldest Son: …

Oldest Son: I don’t know how to respond to that. Please tell me it was more thought out than “lololol my wife lurvs teh Twilight.”


Me: Hey – did you know [Name Redacted] has a baby girl now?

Darling Daughter: He does?!!?

Darling Daughter: Oh, thats exciting!

Me: yup, born sometime last year.  And you will never guess what they named her.

Darling Daughter: What?

Me: You’re gonna hurl…

Darling Daughter: Bella!?!




Darling Daughter: In the next couple of years there are going to be 2 billion baby Bellas

Darling Daughter: That’s so disturbing!

Me: ROFL – yes it is

Darling Daughter: I’m gonna name my baby “Illiterate”

Darling Daughter: We’ll call her “Illi!”

At which point I became incapable of speech, I was laughing so hard.


I raised both of these people.  Sort of makes you think about the whole “nature” versus “nurture” thing, doesn’t it?


Ellie Belen says:

I wholeheartedly agree. That’s why I love having sisters. Their reactions are always more explosive in nature.
.-= Ellie Belen´s last blog ..Happy Birthday Sis =-.

Mama Badger says:

Same reaction, different levels of emotion. That pretty much sums it up. I think men and women need to invest emotion into different things. That way it all evens out the universe. If we all cared about babies named “Bella”, who would care about the football score? Hee hee hee.
.-= Mama Badger´s last blog ..I’d rather be… Monday =-.

Suzicate says:

Same reaction yet response is different…THAT is why it’s so much more fun to be around women!!!!!!!!!
.-= Suzicate´s last blog ..The Card He Didn’t Buy =-.

I’m with your daughter. Bella? Hurl!
.-= Twenty Four At Heart´s last blog ..Spring! =-.

I have always been more WTF than any man I’ve ever known. ROFL.

Illi is actually a cute name. 🙂
.-= Fragrant Liar´s last blog ..Filter THIS! =-.

Be says:

And the old man said, “Lugosi? How ugly is the poor thing?” Meh

I taught swimming to little kids during the summer when I was in college. Those were the Brooke, Crystal and Lexi years.

.-= class factotum´s last blog ..Marriage 201, Lecture 873: Commando, part 2 =-.

Tessa says:

I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing long enough to form a coherent response …..
.-= Tessa´s last blog ..Plus ca change …* =-.

Even though I haven’t read/watched anything closely related to Twilight, this was still really funny!
.-= Erin@TheLocalsLoveIt´s last blog ..There’s no place like home. =-.

If I were to follow suit, I’d have to name the kid “Bella Hitch” since every word ends on one when coming out of Kristin Stewart’s mouth.
.-= Sprite’s Keeper´s last blog ..RTT: It’s Tuesday, do you know where YOUR Random is? =-.

Duchess says:

Sorry, I do not have a clue what you are talking about. I know I am culturally illiterate… But I do know about Nixon in China!
.-= Duchess´s last blog ..Friends don’t let friends buy boats =-.

Anne Gibert says:

Like the Duchess, I am puzzled. But I have the excuse of great age. What’s hers?
.-= Anne Gibert´s last blog ..Nixon in China in Vancouver =-.

Mo says:

Presumably you asked the same question to twelve other people including the man that walks your neighbour’s dog and all of them responded in similar fashion?
.-= Mo´s last blog ..The Rolex and the Unhealthy Zorro Obsession =-.

Michele says:

Those sound so much like IM chats that I have with my kids. Isn’t it nice to have relationships with your children where you can laugh? I have a friend that doesn’t know that joy. Sad, huh?
.-= Michele´s last blog ..RTT – The Different Shades of Washington DC =-.

Irish Gumbo says:

Is her middle name Donna?

Hurl, indeed…:)
.-= Irish Gumbo´s last blog ..Stop Chasing It… =-.

Mrsbear says:

Bwahaha. I love it! Considering I had a similar reaction when my mom named her puppy Bella. Ugh. Love the exorcist vomit everywhere. You guys are a hoot.
.-= Mrsbear´s last blog ..Stop Rubbing Dammit and Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

Pseudo says:

Does this mean there are going to be a bunch of Edwards in my class 15 years from now?

Jeanne says:

I have to agree with Mama Badger — same reaction, different levels (as occasioned by the differering levels of testosterone/estrogen.
.-= Jeanne´s last blog ..Non-Fiction Friday: My Erma Bombeck Entry =-.

Oh, your kids sound so great. I can just see you and the daughter laughing your asses off!
.-= Maureen@IslandRoar´s last blog ..Worrying =-.

Erin says:

I’m sure there will be a zillion Bellas in preschool soon… ack.
.-= Erin´s last blog ..only if you call me pretty princess =-.

It’s a shame too coz at one time Bella was a pretty name – at least they didn’t name her Moon Unit or Apple or something totally nutzoid. Loved the texts – It’s funny to look over the decades at popular baby names and how things change. Loved the comment on Lugosi – now THAT’s funny.
.-= Croneandbearit´s last blog ..If It’s Spring…It Must Be House-Painting Time! =-.

Monica says:

Oh yes…the male and female mind is quite different…I love watching my boys trying to figure out what in the world my daughter is talking about…hubby too for that matter.

I was going to name my daughter Isabella and call her Izzy. lol But instead she was named Shelby…guess what movie that is from…lol
.-= Monica´s last blog ..10 Words To Describe Our Children =-.

Weren’t there a lot of Bellas after the movie “Beauty and the Beast?”
.-= class factotum´s last blog ..Marriage 201, Lecture 873: Commando, part 2 =-.

Jenn Banda says:

You will be happy to know that Bella was not named after Twilight. We have never seen the movie or read the books. It drives us crazy that everyone thinks we named her after that lame ass vampire driverl.

Feel free to check out my blog and my mother’s for the story of Bella.

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