I have an interesting post about estrogen dominance in the works, but it won’t be up until next week.  Likewise the recipe for peach cobbler.

After many years, I’m switching web hosts for the blog.  I don’t want to; I’ve had a long and beneficial relationship with my current host, but I’ve simply outgrown them.  I had to ask for another increase in bandwidth last month, even after disabling hotlinking (which is why you can’t currently see my photos in your RSS reader), and he warned me that I’ve reached my limit.  There simply is no more.

For the record, if I exceed my allotted bandwidth, this blog will become inaccessible until the next month.  No fun for me, and no fun for the tens of thousands of visitors who end up here each month.

This is compounded by the fact that I’ve recently made several changes to help how the blog is indexed in search engines, which is only going to increase traffic and eat up more bandwidth.  So I’ve reluctantly decided to move to a host that allows me unlimited disk space and, more importantly, unlimited bandwidth at an incredibly fair price (if I prepay for a certain amount of time, which I have no problem with).

The only problem with this is now I have to migrate my blog – database, images and all – to the new web server, which I plan to do this weekend.  I’ve done this before, so I don’t expect any real problems, but I can’t add any new content to the blog while I’m doing the migration.

If you don’t see a post from me this coming Monday, you’ll know things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I anticipated.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me, and have a lovely weekend, y’all.

6 thoughts on “Migration”

  1. Fingers crossed while I anxiously wait your post on estrogen dominance. Happy weekend to you and yours and hopefully it isn’t too stressful!

  2. Here I thought this post WAS about estrogen dominance – certainly it’s a good way to tell me I get to do the chores while you migrate this weekend. 😉

  3. ahhhh, growing pains. a necessary headache that comes with success. hopefully your weekend isn’t completely occupied with HTML code.

  4. Yes, I’ve noticed you mention concern with bandwidth before. Of course, I don’t understand completely. When I migrated my blog the first thing I told them was “I need it to be fast, hold a zillion big photo files and let as many people come visit as possible.” I guess that means if I run out of bandwidth I have the right to get mad at someone??

    Speaking of, my web company wants to hire me! They want OC photos for their office and website. I think I’m going to swap them more bandwidth for that.

    ??? Wait, I don’t know what bandwidth is. Really. Sort of.

    Never mind.

    PS I have no estrogen. Mine ran out!

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