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Monsters, Eeek

Monsters, Inc.When Beloved’s out of town, our schedules don’t change much.  I don’t cook as much or as elaborately.  The Young One needs a little more prodding to do his chores.  I work longer hours.  The dog whines for attention a little bit more.  The house is quieter.  But, for the most part, things ramble on as usual.

Except at night.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I have trouble sleeping when Beloved’s not home.  I have trouble settling down and have trouble staying asleep; I also tend to get up earlier in the mornings.  Beloved calls it “empty bed syndrome” and claims he suffers from it on the nights insomnia (and his snoring) send me to the sofa in the living room.  And it could very well be what it is…at least partly.

It also could be that I’m afraid of the dark.

I know it’s silly; I know it’s irrational.  Especially when you consider that whatever monster under my bed would probably eat me whether I was alone in my bedroom or not. But the dark doesn’t bother me when Beloved is home, even on the rare occasion I go to bed before him.  I just have an overactive imagination – possibilities have always intrigued me, often far more than reality does.  And my imagination tells me that my husband will keep all the icky monsters away.

Either that, or the man just doesn’t give me enough time to worry about whatever might be living under our bed.

I don’t think much about my fear of the dark until I find myself alone in it; then it kicks into overdrive and every scary movie I’ve seen and scary book I’ve ever read begins traipsing its way through my brain.  It’s times like that when I wish I’d never watched movies like The Ring.  ‘Cause that little girl crawling out of the television at the end of the film?

She is out to get me.

I don’t think Beloved was aware of my fear of the dark until recently when I mentioned that I make sure the closet door is firmly closed and the bathroom light is left on at night when he’s out of town.  I mentioned this with some trepidation, because the man is RABID about lights left on all night, but he was more amused than anything.

Really??” he asked.  His imagination is somewhat different from mine – he’s perfectly fine with the possibility of cosmic strings and magnetic monopoles, but pubescent young women chucking film directors out of windows and down long flights of stairs?  Pshaw, he says.  I, on the other hand, was tempted to cancel my account with Verizon after reading Stephen King’s Cell.

Ah, well.  I’ve lived 46 years without being eaten by a monster, or even threatened by one, and I’m sure I never will be.

Let’s just keep that bathroom light on and ignore the smell of garlic, shall we?


LPC says:

Yeah. That Steven King book with the clown with the weird eyes? In the storm drain? I am OK in the dark but don’t put me anywhere near a storm drain.
.-= LPC´s last blog ..Madeleine Albright Says, "Read My Pins". =-.

Pseudo says:

When my daughter (20) is home alone, she falls asleep in the master bedroom with the door locked, the dog in with her, and Friends DVD on the TV….

Hope Be gets home soon for ya.
.-= Pseudo´s last blog ..Batten Down the Hatches: But Seriously, It’s Travel Tip Thursday =-.

Pippa says:

I am just the same as you! I have to have the little bed side light on my DH’s side of the bed if he is not here, as the bathroom is all the way downstairs

The light switch for the landing however is a good eight steps from the bedroom and I have to jump into the light lol

I had nightmares for months after reading Cell and then when I was pregnant with Baby Boy they all came back again… and now that I have thought of it I bet I have them tonight!

Hope Beloved doesn’t spend too much time away from home!
.-= Pippa´s last blog ..An after school activity a day will drive Mummy into debt! =-.

Anne Gibert says:

This post has inspired me. I have a couple of creepy noise in the night stories to tell. I’ll post them soon.
.-= Anne Gibert´s last blog ..Health Care, Aug 20, Time Goes By Challange =-.

I am still a little afraid at night when I know I’m the only one in the house. I think it’s the cave person in us knowing what lurks out there…
.-= Maureen at IslandRoar´s last blog ..Seen The Glory =-.

I am the same way. When John is out of town, the lights are on and any outsider would think I’m throwing a party with the amount of noise I put out. I actually wish the kid would sleep with me just to have someone close by but then I remember she kicks, a lot, and shove that thought right out of bed.
.-= Sprite’s Keeper´s last blog ..Honk If You Love Me =-.

Briefcase is gone more than he’s home so I’ve had to get used to sleeping alone. I definitely get scared if I’m OUTSIDE at night though …. noises in bushes, etc. freak me out! : )
.-= Twenty Four At Heart´s last blog ..North Carolina & Dr. Phil Because I’m Random Like That =-.

Mama Badger says:

I will be forwarding this to PB so that he can see I’m not the only one. I always say I’m not afraid of the dark. I’m afraid of what’s in the dark that I can’t see. Makes perfect sense, right?

I also have rules about where I’ll sleep in a room… Hmmm, that’s a good one for next tuesday. You’ll have to visit.
.-= Mama Badger´s last blog ..The Spin Cycle- Favorite Book =-.

Jane Gaston says:

Hey, we’re twins! I have a nightlite in every room, even when my daughter’s home. And (don’t tell her) when she’s away, I leave lamp lights on in addition to the nightlites.

Who are you fooling Jan; everyone knows monsters only come when you’re alone… from under the bed, out of the closet, over the transom, down the chimney, under the doors and windows, and through all the vents.
.-= Jane Gaston´s last blog ..Giveaway Announcement & Other Stuff =-.

Aloha Toni! says:

I chuckle but I know what you mean. I’m ok if I get used to the dark but if I move around the flat I always have to put the lights on.
Once, I was round my workmates house drinking. So there I am, me, and 5 big guys having fun when all of a sudden their electric meter ran out and we got plunged into darkness…I had a panic attack. HOW EMBARRASSING! lol
.-= Aloha Toni!´s last blog ..Naming the new addition… =-.

I’m afraid to walk into a room full of people I already know but I’m never afraid to stay/sleep alone in the pitch black of night. My daughter sounds just like you and it drives me insane to walk to their end of the house (when they are visiting me in TX) and find all 3 of the bathroom lights left on all night and she’s in bed WITH her husband but she’s still scared. i just don’t get it. You two are weird. Ha!
.-= Midlife Slices´s last blog ..Weekend Update or Saturday Night Live……you pick. =-.

Beth says:

Like you, I don’t sleep much at all when my husband is out of town. I’ve never thought about turning on the bathroom light. Brilliant!
.-= Beth´s last blog ..Build a bridge and get over it =-.

This is one of those things where my husband and I switch roles. I’m good by myself, but he’s ancy about any little noise at night, particularly when I’m gone. Although his imagination isn’t the monster sort as much as it’s the serial killer sort.
.-= Margaret (Nanny Goats)´s last blog ..NGIP Quips With Quinn Cummings (Author and Academy Award Nominee) =-.

Erin says:

Everyone has their quirks… 🙂 I have trouble staying asleep…that 4 a.m. wake up sucks.

Maybe you need a nice night light. I’m a big fan of a good night light.

Sleep tight.
.-= Erin´s last blog ..wicked vactionland =-.

A Free Man says:

We’re just starting to deal with monsters in our house. I think Zach still thinks monsters are good things, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be checking the closets and under the beds before too long. I can pop by your place as well if you like.
.-= A Free Man´s last blog ..When I was younger I thought I knew everything. Now I’m older I know I know everything. =-.

Be says:

I just like it dark when I sleep. Light distracts me and when you have a house full of teenagers too damn many things can happen when the lights are on (not that they know how to turn them off). Utter darkness soothes me. I figure that in the dark I have the advantage over monsters, rapists and psychopaths (aka: TEENAGERS) – especially if they come out of the light.

I know – I know – I am just being rational about this. But I do sleep better with my warm honey next to me.

I don’t sleep well when hubby’s out of town, either…since our house was built in 1817, there can be lots of strange noises in the dead of night, but I can’t sleep with any kind of light on, so I’m doomed. 🙂
.-= Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)´s last blog ..First Grade Orientation – Frustration =-.

I have trouble sleeping when Blue Eyes is not home, but its not due to fear of the dark or anything reasonable, for that matter. I just tend to stay up too late – watching reruns of Law & Order or whatever. I get caught up in the show and knowing that no one is upstairs waiting on me . . . I just tend to keep watching and piddling around…
.-= Nothing Fancy´s last blog ..3 – 2 – 1 Blastoff! =-.

I’m a big fraidy cat but not necessarily of the dark. Can’t do scary movies. No way.
.-= Smart Mouth Broad´s last blog ..HERE WE GO AGAIN =-.

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