Live Real. Eat Real.


My dear friend Tricia has committed to NaBloPoMo for the month of August.  That’s National Blog Posting Month and it means she’s going to post every day.  I told her I’d join her to give her a little support.

Beloved may very well kill me.

Like Tricia, I can’t promise something of substance, be it funny or profound or even a recipe, every day, so expect to be looking at a lot of photos taken with the new Nikon D90, especially on the weekend.

Starting today, actually.

Here are some of the photos taken while in Hocking Hills – these are either at our cabin (the fire and the sunset) or on one of our deer hunts (the flowers and insects).

Click on any picture to see an enlargement.  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, y’all!

Playing with Fire

Honey Bee and Orange Flower

Butterfly and Cone Flowers

Sunset Through The Trees

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