To Boldy Go Where No One with Taste Has Gone Before

Every once in awhile I like to write a post to remind folks – myself included – that my life doesn’t revolve around food.

Okay, yes, it does revolve around food, but that’s not the point.  The point is, I do have interests outside of the kitchen; this is why I often participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts and The Spin Cycle.  It breaks up the monotony.

The tasty, tasty monotony.

Anyhoo, most of my “other” interests are geeky interests, something you know if you’ve been reading here any length of time at all.  Yes, I’m a middle-aged grandmother, but I’m a middle-aged grandmother who plays video games.  Which makes it extremely easy for my sons to shop for me at the holidays.

I am also a huge Star Trek fan.  How huge?  Well, I recently bought this:


Yeah, that would be a Precious Moments James T. Kirk.

Well, sort of.  He is made of resin, not porcelain (like most Precious Moments figurines).  He’s smaller than PM’s standard figurines, and while he’s hand-painted, it’s not the best job I’ve ever seen.  I admit to being more than a little disappointed when he came in the mail (without a box – just taped up in bubblewrap), and considered sending him back.  Beloved talked me into keeping him – he is a limited edition, after all – and wait and see what the rest of the series looks like.

Besides cheesy.

Little did I know, however, that once I’d purchased my little Taiwanese guy, I’d be put on the Bradford Exchange’s mailing list, where they offer me all sorts of hilarious interesting Star Trek memorabilia.

Like a lovely men’s ring…

and watch.

Okay, those aren’t so bad – I am, after all, the proud owner of a limited edition titanium Star Trek spork.  If the offers had ended there, though, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post.  Because this came next:

I’m sorry, but even I draw the line at Star Trek-themed stained-glass wall art.  (I’m still waiting for the black velvet painting.)

Then, an email for this came, and I about fell out of my newly-acquired Lazy Boy recliner laughing.

Why not just stick a fringed lampshade on top and be done with it?

The pièce de résistance, however, had to be this:

Oh. My. Gawd.  I nearly killed myself with hysterical laughter.

Then I looked closely at it.

Okay, we’ve got the Gorn.  We’ve got Tribbles.  We’ve got the big-headed alien guys from The Menagerie.  We’ve got Spock and Kirk dueling it out in the Pon-Far espisode – heck, we’ve even got the salt sucker alien and Spock’s mom.

Bradford Exchange, where is the Guardian of Forever?  HMMMMM???  How on earth can you release a cheesy collection of some of the best original Star Trek episodes and leave out the very best?

For shame.  For shame…

For more fan-related Spins, go visit Gretchen at Second Blooming.  She might even show you her photograph of Davy Jones.



I have an interesting post about estrogen dominance in the works, but it won’t be up until next week.  Likewise the recipe for peach cobbler.

After many years, I’m switching web hosts for the blog.  I don’t want to; I’ve had a long and beneficial relationship with my current host, but I’ve simply outgrown them.  I had to ask for another increase in bandwidth last month, even after disabling hotlinking (which is why you can’t currently see my photos in your RSS reader), and he warned me that I’ve reached my limit.  There simply is no more.

For the record, if I exceed my allotted bandwidth, this blog will become inaccessible until the next month.  No fun for me, and no fun for the tens of thousands of visitors who end up here each month.

This is compounded by the fact that I’ve recently made several changes to help how the blog is indexed in search engines, which is only going to increase traffic and eat up more bandwidth.  So I’ve reluctantly decided to move to a host that allows me unlimited disk space and, more importantly, unlimited bandwidth at an incredibly fair price (if I prepay for a certain amount of time, which I have no problem with).

The only problem with this is now I have to migrate my blog – database, images and all – to the new web server, which I plan to do this weekend.  I’ve done this before, so I don’t expect any real problems, but I can’t add any new content to the blog while I’m doing the migration.

If you don’t see a post from me this coming Monday, you’ll know things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I anticipated.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me, and have a lovely weekend, y’all.

RTT: The End Is Nigh, Date Night and Geeky Troubles

Random Tuesday Thoughts

My goodness – three Random Tuesday Thoughts in a row; I’m on a random roll.  You know the drill – click the link, visit Stacy, read more Random.


OMG – just 3 more days, then the Whole30 is over.  If you’d asked me on August 1st what I thought my chances were of completing the entire 30 days, I wouldn’t have given you very good odds.  But, by golly, I’m going to make it – I’ve been really tempted to relax “the rules” over the last couple of days, but I keep saying to myself, “It’s just a couple more days; why not just do it?”

And I have.  Even more amazing, I’ve made a conscious effort to exercise every day.  Last night I got on the treadmill with my Kindle Fire, and before I knew it, 2 chapters of the book I’m reading and 35 minutes had passed.  If I can’t swim, I’ll take that as my exercise any day of the week.  Every day of the week, if I can swing it.


That all being said, I’m so looking forward to Friday I can barely stand it.  Since it’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S. (Monday is Labor Day), and since it’s been officially forever since we’ve taken any time for ourselves, Beloved and I are taking Friday and Tuesday off from work.  Friday we’re taking a leap of faith and leaving Scooter and The Young One on their own overnight while we drive to Columbus to visit our very favorite restaurant in Ohio:  G. Michael’s Bistro.  I will absolutely avoid sugar and gluten, and do my best to avoid dairy (they love butter and cream at this place), but other than that, all bets are off (we are definitely having a cocktail…or two).

Hey – if you were confronted with a menu like this, you’d agree: this is no place to diet.  Oh, the Game Duo and Pan-Roasted Duck Breast are calling our names…

Saturday, we’re going to go a bit out of our way and head over to Athens, Ohio and visit their farmer’s market, which is the oldest and most well established in the state before heading home.  I absolutely cannot wait.


If you’ve been receiving the Whole30 motivational emails, you’ve seen this, but it certainly is worth posting here for those who haven’t.

New England Journal of Panic-Inducing Gobbledygook
New England Journal of Panic-Inducing Gobbledygook


Suzanne, better known to her large and loyal following as Twenty-Four At Heart, is back from her vacation on the island of Kauai – today she has posted one of the most beautiful photographs of a rainbow I’ve ever seen.  Go, look, and ooooh and aaaaah a bit.


I’ve been blogging for 4 1/2 years now, and since I began blogging about the change in our diet, traffic to this site has simply exploded.  In August 2011 I had 15,553 unique visitors (up from 6,036 in August 2010) and 83,852 pageviews.  So far this month I’ve had 38,648 unique visitors and 157,271 pageviews, and August isn’t quite over yet.  I’ve been more than doubling the traffic to this blog every year since 2010, and have had to increase my bandwidth three times this year alone.

At present, I have 65GB of bandwidth, and I will come very close to using every bit of that up by the 31st.  If you know anything about websites and webhosting, you know that bandwidth costs money – the more you need, the more it costs you.  Most of the bandwidth used here is from legitimate traffic (my advertising stats/revenue back this up), but some of it – more of it than I’d like, frankly – is from people who come here and link to my images on their sites, giving them content they do not have to host on their own webservers.

Hotlinking is effectively stealing, both my images and my expensive bandwidth, and once most people realize this they stop doing it.  Others, though, could care less – they view the internet and its content as one great, big free-for-all.  So in the interest of my bandwidth (and my wallet), I’ve had to add hotlink protection to my site.  For most purposes, like the recipe sharing sites (Chowstalker, Foodgawker, etc.), this isn’t a problem because I upload the photos to their servers.  It is a problem, however, with RSS feeds and search engines.

Please, let me know if you’re having trouble viewing the images in my posts in your RSS readers, or if you run across a link to a recipe on this site without an accompanying photo during a search engine search.  Bandwidth and image thieves are annoying, but far less important that the readers of this blog.  If you’re having trouble, I’ll find another solution for my hotlinking problem.

Have a lovely Tuesday, y’all.

Random Tuesday Beef Geekery and Such

I like Tuesday, because it’s…no longer Monday.

At any rate, it’s been awhile since since I’ve participated, so let’s link up to Stacy and get some random on!


See G Man.

See G Man move.

See G Man move to Podunk.


See Poppa and Meema be very happy grandparents.


Any questions?


This?  THIS is GREAT.

The guy has great taste in marital ringwear, too.


And speaking of engagement rings, look what’s adorning Darling Daughter’s left hand these days:

Yes, that would be a honkin’ big opal and diamond engagement ring.  Apparently, Mr. FixIt has marvelous taste in marital ringwear as well.

This also makes Poppa and Meema very happy because it gives them another opportunity to, well, be Poppa and Meema.


My last bit of random comes as a bit of a warning, so be prepared for photos in the near future (most likely a week from this Friday).

Friday we are taking a trip out to visit our butchers and watch them cut our next side of beef, to order.

Don’t worry, our heifer (her name is Patty) has already been killed, eviscerated and skinned, so you won’t be getting any graphic photos of that.  But what you will get to see is photos of Patty going from this:

to this:

I don’t know about you, but we are pretty excited about it.  We are, in fact, taking The Young One out of school early so he can come, too – sort of a “Where Does My Food Come From?” field trip.  (I think he’s mostly excited about getting out of school early, but I’ll take any enthusiasm I can get.)


And that’s about all the randomness I can muster today.  Have a lovely Tuesday, y’all.

We Are Temporarily Experiencing Difficulties…

Beloved, The Young One and I drove down to Cincinnati on Friday to visit Jolly and The G Man, returning yesterday afternoon.

Today, we discovered the server that controls our domain at work went to that Big Operating System in the Sky.  Everyone is in the process of rebuilding their user on their laptops or workstations.

For me, that means all of my “other” work – graphics, recipes, bookmarks, passwords – have all gone bye-bye (temporarily, anyway) on my laptop, as well.  I have some lovely recipes for you, but for now I have more pressing matters.  The best I can do is leave you with an idea of what we did over the Easter weekend:

Have a lovely day, y’all, and I’ll have food for you tomorrow.